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In case of emergency with facilities or students, during weekend times or off school time, please contact Dr. Ember Conley at 435-659-7591.

  • Heidi Matthews, TMJH Media Specialist, was recognized by Dr. Conley for being elected as the UEA President Elect.

  • Parley's Park Elementary Para-pro, Theresa Lippert, was congratulated by Dr. Ember Conley for being recognized as USEA Outstanding Education Support Professional of the Year.

  • Treasure Mountain Junior High ETS, Ali Gallagher, was congratulated by Dr. Ember Conley for being recognized as USEA Outstanding Education Support Professional of the Year.

  • Alizah Folau, Student on the Board, was thanked by Dr. Ember Conley for her service.

PCHS Memorial 5K

Join us for the 8th annual Memorial 5k, sponsored by Park City High School’s National Honor Society, to remember and pay tribute to those our community has lost. The money raised will support the Homeless Youth Center of Utah, provide scholarships for graduating seniors, and help to support humanitarian efforts.

Make your memorial day morning one to remember! Sign up as a family or an individual at

Thank you for your continued support,
Park City High School National Honor Society

Upcoming Park City School District Events

Friday, May 27 @ 8:30a.m.
Final ​office hours with Dr. Ember Conley ​

​Friday, June 3
Last Day of School
Release times:
PCHS & TMJH - 11:45 a.m.
EHMS - 1:15 p.m.
Elementaries - 12:30 p.m.
AM Kindergarten - 10:15 a.m.
PM Kindergarten - Arrive @ 10:30 a.m. and release @ 12:30 p.m. **Kindergarten times may vary - schools will contact parents**


Friday, June 3 @ 5 p.m.
Graduation @ Dozier Field

Last Day of School

Kindergarten Registration

Welcome to Kindergarten!
2016-2017 Kindergarten registration is now open. Please complete the online registration by clicking on the link below. Your child must be 5 on or before September 01, 2016. There are no exceptions to this as it is State law.

Once you have completed the online registration you need to bring a birth certificate, proof of residency and immunization records to your child's school to complete your new Kindergarten registration.

Kindergarten Registration 2016-2017

¡Bienvenido al jardín de infantes!
2016-2017 Kinder inscripción ya está abierto. Por favor complete el registro en línea haciendo clic en el enlace de más abajo. Su hijo debe ser de 5 en o antes del 01 de septiembre de 2016. No hay excepciones a esto ya que es ley del estado.

Una vez haya completado el registro en línea que usted necesita traer un certificado de nacimiento, prueba de residencia y vacunación a su escuela para completar el nuevo registro de Kinder.

Kindergarten Registration - Spanish

Recent News

Student Health and Safety

Nothing is more important than our students' health and safety. The Park City School District is committed to initiating ongoing conversations about our students' needs - and engaging our community to come up with collective solutions.

Please take a moment to peruse the links below. They outline discussions from the Mental Health and Student Safety panel (held on Monday, May 23).

Social and Emotional Services in PCSD Schools

Critical Incident Communications External Checklist

We also invite you to join us this fall for the kickoff of an annual, comprehensive Student Health and Safety Event. Topics will include mental health, physical health, nutrition, school safety, safety online, etc. If you would like to participate, please email Community Relations Specialist Molly Miller


A Letter From Superintendent Ember Conley

On behalf of Park City School District, I would like to publicly apologize for the inadequately worded email, and the poor timing of the communication, sent on the evening of May 2, 2016.

In an effort to move forward and build trust with our students, teachers and parents, the school district will host a community presentation on May 23, 2016 from 6:30 – 7:30 PM at Ecker Middle School Auditorium. Representatives from Park City School District, Park City Police Department, and Valley Behavioral Health. Ultimately, it is my hope this becomes an opportunity to help our community better understand the mental health needs we have in our schools, and how it affects our students and their learning environment.

With regard to the events of May 2 and May 3, 2016, I can provide the following information:

Fall, 2015:
PCSD received information from a trusted adult that a student made a statement a school shooting would occur. I immediately contacted law enforcement and connected with parents of the child. A comprehensive plan was put into place; it involved school district administration, law enforcement, and mental health experts. This plan was effective in neutralizing the possible situation.

May 2, 2016:
Prior to this date, the district had addressed a handful of concerns one-on-one as they were expressed. By 4:00 p.m. on May 2, I had only received one parent concern. As the evening progressed, the number of concerned parents and students reaching out to district employees and taking to social media grew. By about 8 p.m., the decision was made by the district to communicate with families regarding the situation. Such messages are written, reviewed and edited by multiple district staff and legal counsel. The timing was poor, as was the content of the message. In hindsight, I recognize that I should have focused greater attention to the language and tone before sending it out. I sincerely apologize for the lack of information and for increasing concern rather than assuaging anxiety.

I have received many questions about this situation. Here are some of them, along with answers:

Why were parents not notified in October 2015, or anytime after that?
This issue had been completely neutralized through working with law enforcement and district administration. Students, faculty and staff were safe from harm from this situation. Any concerns were handled one-on-one with parents and students.

Why are students who make statements like this allowed back in school?
Park City School District is a public school institution, which must follow federal and state guidelines to provide a free and appropriate education to students. Again, in this situation, we took immediate action and our team followed the emergency response plan, which includes continuous monitoring. That said, the law provides for exceptional accommodation for education, should it be deemed necessary. As of now, it is not. As always, we will continue to track this and any other potential situation, accordingly.

What are you doing to ensure that this type of communication will not occur again?
I am working with the community relations specialist and the district team to ensure that we refine and improve our communication with staff, parents and the community. I encourage members of our community to provide feedback as we move forward. We are also forming a communication committee to assist in dissemination of information and increase channels to communicate.

How can we better understand how to protect our children during an emergency situation?
Training with PCSD staff will continue. Our team will hold several meetings throughout the school year around the topic of safety in our physical facilities, as well as on mental health and internet safety. I promise to be flexible and proactive about any other safety challenges that may arise. The emergency response plan, while rigorous, is not shared publicly, based on the recommendation of national school safety experts.

What are you doing to create a better process?
I debriefed with district administrators and law enforcement the next day, and I continue to review the steps of the process, both what happened and what should in future incidents. To date (May 17, 2016), I reviewed my findings and updates to our plan with administrators and relevant law enforcement representatives. The Governing Board will have agenda items in tonight’s board meeting to address training and process reviews.

I cannot stress enough my deep regret for the fear, frustration and anger felt by many parents and students. I apologize for timing of the May 2nd message, as well as for its vague content. I also want to assure you of my commitment to our children. As we work together to build upon the opportunity and growth of our district learning environment, the safety and health of our students remain my top priorities. I want to urge us all to use this as an opportunity to come together for our students, to work as a united team to constructively identify and rectify our core issues. And I wish to build trust so that, together, we can continue to provide an excellent education for our students. It’s a work in progress, and it won’t happen overnight, but I promise you that I will be on the ground with you, as your leader, every step of the way.

Ember Conley, EdD
Park City School District


Meet The Candidates

Here is a link to the first hour of the Park City Board of Education Candidate Forum, hosted at Treasure Mountain Jr. High by the Park City Education Association. Due to technical difficulties (i.e., the camera died one hour in), the rest of the event was not recorded.

VIDEO of Park City Board of Education Candidate Forum

This event took place on Thursday, May 5. Since then, one candidate has left the race. The (mail-in) primary happens next month, on June 28. Here is a list of the remaining candidates:

Greg Greer
Philip Kaplan

Andrew Caplan
Peter Yogman
Catherine Callow-Heusser

Art Brothers
Moe Hickey
Petra Butler

Please make sure you're registered to vote!

We'd also like to give a special thank you to 9th-grader Brooklyn, who helped coordinate audio for the event. Brooklyn - thank you for volunteering your time to help with this - we appreciate you!


Elementary Summer Program 2016

Parents, we are excited to announce the following information regarding the summer program for all district elementary students. The summer program will start on Monday, June 13th, and finish 6 weeks later on July 21st. Students entering grades 1 – 6 are invited to register.

Students in the program will actively engage in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math) lessons and activities, literacy instruction and enrichment/recreation classes. Please read the attached flyers for more information about the program.

2016 Parent Flyer (English and Español)

Registration dates for each elementary school are listed below:

  • McPolin Elementary - Monday, May 23rd
  • Parley’s Park Elementary - Tuesday, May 24th
  • Trailside Elementary - Wednesday, May 25th
  • Jeremy Ranch Elementary - Thursday, May 26th

All registration meetings will start at 5:15 PM.

If you have questions about the program, or would like to register before the dates listed above, please contact either John Hall at 435-645-5626 or Leo Nieto at 801-261-3440 ext.126.


Mental Health Awareness Month

May is Mental Health Awareness Month, and there is an incredible number of activities and events centered around help and information happening right here in Summit County. Please click on the link below for the complete list (and share with friends and family).

Mental Health Awareness Month: Events & Activities

While you're thinking about it, please take a moment to fill out the Summit County Community Mental Health Survey:


Summit County Community Mental Health Assessment

"There is NO health without MENTAL health."

A group of Summit County citizens, with the help of the Summit County Council, the Summit County Health Department and Valley Behavioral Health, has created a mental health and substance abuse needs assessment for Summit County residents.

Through this survey, the group is working to improve behavioral health services for individuals and families in Summit County. To do this, potential gaps and barriers to service need to be identified. Based on information gathered, priorities will be set and a strategic plan will be developed to focus on better meeting community needs.

Please take a moment to fill out the survey:

Your help to spread the word is critical; please share the survey link through social media and email. Questions? Contact Katie Mullaly with the Summit County Health Department.


Start Times Public Information Night

On March 24, the community-led committee examining start times for Park City schools held its first public information night. Video of the entire meeting is available through the link below. The slide presentation (which outlines research and possible bell times) is also available.

A survey will be distributed in the coming days, as the committee works to determine where the community stands on the idea of adjusting start times.

VIDEO: Start Times Public Info Night

Start Times Public Info Slide Presentation


What Counts & Post-Bond Survey Results

Links to results from What Counts meetings and post-bond surveys are now available.

Click on "Community Feedback" on the right side of this page. The information is also available through this link:

A number of decisions about what to do next, based on the information gathered in the meetings and surveys, will be made in an all-day Board of Education work session scheduled for March 15.

We always want to hear from you and encourage you to contact us at any time. Please reach out to Community Relations Specialist Molly Miller with comments, questions or concerns:


Parental Exclusion Form (Opt-Out)

Park City School District is providing a Parental Exclusion Form for parents that do not want their student(s) to participate in state level testing. There are multiple tests listed on the form as well as what grade levels are tested using the assessments and the testing dates.

If you are interested in excluding your student(s) from state level testing, please fill out the form indicating which test(s) you are selecting and return it to the front office at your school. The requirement from the state is that the form needs to be turned in at least one (1) day prior to the test window. However, we would ask that you provide three (3) or more days notice when possible.

Parental Exclusion from State Assessments Form