• The New Look of Park City School District!

    With help from Digital Design students and PCSD faculty we have updated our logo to be more current and better represent our school district’s vision.

  • Congratulations History Day Regional Competition Winners!

    Those who placed 1st and 2nd will have the opportunity to compete in the state competition. Way to go TMJH historians!

Teacher of the Month

Debra Guthery, 1st grade teacher at Jeremy Ranch Elementary School has been chosen as the Teach of the Month.

Robin Williams Principal Trailside Elementary

Park City School District Press Release:

Park City School District is pleased to announce that Ms. Robin Williams has been named as the new Trailside Elementary School Principal. Ms. Williams will be replacing Dr. Kathy Einhorn, who earlier this month, was named as the District’s Associate Superintendent of Teaching and Learning.

Ms. Williams has been a professional educator for 25 years, including 18 years in administration. Since 2007, she has served as the Director of Teaching, Learning and Assessment Services for Logan City School District in Logan, Utah. Prior to her district office position, Ms. Williams was the principal at Adams Elementary School in Logan. During her tenure, Adams Elementary was recognized by Utah and Nationally as an “International Reading Association, Program of Excellence”.

Before moving to Logan, Robin was a high school principal at Nikiski High School in Kenai, Alaska. She also worked in Grand Junction, Colorado as an assistant middle school principal and in Granite School District as an assistant principal intern.

Robin brings a wealth of experience to the Park City Administrative Team, and she is looking forward to bringing her family to the Park City area.


Notice to parents on opting out of state testing

The 2014 state legislature passed a law outlining a parents right to opt their student(s) out of state testing. More information is available on our Evaluation and Assessment page.

Community Forum

Superintendent Conley is inviting community members to participate in upcoming Community Forums on May 5, 2014. This will be an opportunity for the community to learn more about the District Learning Plan, ask questions, and gain a better understanding of the Park City School District.

Park City School District Office
Monday, May 5, 2014 at 9:00 a.m.

Jeremy Ranch Elementary School
Monday, May 5, 2014 at 6:00 p.m.

Park City Percussion in New Orleans

The 13 Percussionists who traveled to New Orleans did an excellent job representing PCHS, PCSD, and the Community of Park City.

Some highlights of their trip:

  • Our departing flight on Friday was delayed due to a plane getting struck by lightning, so we missed a connection and spent the night in Denver.
  • To get everyone to NOLA on Saturday we traveled all day, some students got to see Chicago, some Baltimore, and some of our equipment got to go other places it wasn't supposed to
  • The group performed like rockstars on Sunday even though they had traveled for 30 hours prior to getting there. They received a standing ovation from over 6,000 people in attendance at the convention. Sir Ken Robinson was the keynote speaker immediately after their performance and shared outstanding compliments about them.
  • They received visits and compliments from Superintendents and School Board members from Wasatch, Logan, and Spanish Fork School Districts shortly after their performance.
  • After their two performances on Sunday, many people who had seen their performance stopped the group on the street, in the hotel, at various restaurants, and at the museum to let them know how much they appreciated their performance.
  • The students got up at 2:45 AM on Monday without complaining (too loudly) about it to get back to PC in time to honor other commitments.

Thanks for your support of these students
Bret Hughes, Director of Percussion, Park City Bands


Superintendent's Message

Park City School District is an outstanding school system with dedicated students, a highly qualified staff, administration, Board of Education, parents, and community committed to providing an excellent educational program. Our Vision Statement defines that we are a “district of choice that provides an innovative and excellent education to all students and fosters student learning and success.” It is a commitment, a challenge, and an expectation.

Through collaboration at every level, Park City School District stands out as a model of public school success. We have received many state and national accolades, honors, and awards in our long history. As a school system, we view these achievements as a challenge as we strive to continually improve our curriculum, instructional, and assessment practices to meet the educational needs of all children.

In all areas of our educational programs, the development of the whole child - cognitive, social, emotional, and physical - is valued and supported. Our students are provided with a challenging academic program coupled with a caring school environment. Together with outstanding teachers, these support systems promote and encourage personal responsibility and foster citizenship development in our students.

As you browse our district website, we hope you will find relevant and key information about our student activities and accomplishments throughout the district and learn more about our successes that will be used as a foundation to build upon. We anticipate our future with excitement and invite you to be a part of our continued commitment to excellence. Please feel free to contact us if you have suggestions or input regarding this school year and how we can make it the best year ever for our students.

Ember Conley