Health Programs & Screenings

Elementary Maturation Presentation

The Maturation program is The Always Changing-About You by Proctor & Gamble. Information related to the normal changes that occur for this age group will be discussed. Boys and girls will have separate instruction locations. This will include your child’s viewing of a short, age appropriate video (Always Changing-About You). The students will also be provided with packets having literature and sample items for your child to keep and discuss with you.

Your willingness to help answer their questions and correct any misperceptions greatly contributes to this facet of their education. Parents may attend the program, however, it is asked that you save discussions or comments for after the presentation. Permission slips will be sent home prior to this presentation.

P & G School Program Always Changing Program and Video


Screenings detect conditions early and with quick treatment, decrease potential health problems or complications. Screenings are not for diagnosis but rather identify those children who need further evaluation by a health care provider.

Vision Screening

A vision screen is required prior to children entering kindergarten and all new students to PCSD. Vision screening is mandated for all school age children grades pre-K, K, 1, 2, 3, 5, 7, and 9. Tenth graders may be screened as part of their driver’s education. If your student does not pass the screening, a referral letter will be sent in the mail.

Vision Screening Forms for Parents:

Vision Screening Forms for School Nurse

Hearing Screening

A hearing screening is provided to all Park City School District students in Kindergarten, 1st, and 3rd grade. If your student does not pass the screening, an Audiological Evaluation letter will be sent in the mail.

Hearing Screening Forms for Parents

Example of Audiological Evaluation letter


In the UDOH 1/9/2017, Utah School Spinal Screening Guidelines, “the Utah Department of Health recommends against routine school scoliosis screening in Utah.” The Park City School Health Service Department will provide parents information on how to screen their students for scoliosis yearly for students in grades 5th – 8th. You may contact your student’s school nurse or medical provider if you have any questions or concerns. The following forms provide additional information.