Student Illness and Exclusion Guides

Guidelines for ill or injured students

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PCSD Guidelines for Student Exclusion and Readmission

Utah Reportable Diseases

Reportable Communicable Disease Responsibilities by Staff 5-2017

An ill student cannot learn effectively and is unable to participate in classes in a meaningful way. Keeping an ill student home prevents the spread of illness in the school community and allows the student an opportunity to rest and recover.

Diarrhea/Vomiting: A student with diarrhea and or vomiting should stay at home and return to school only after being symptom free for 24 hours.

Fever: The student should remain home with a fever greater than 100 degrees. The student can return to school after he/she has been fever free for 24 hours with out the use of fever reducing medications.

Rashes: Common infectious diseases with rashes are most contagious in the early stages. A student with a suspicious rash will be excluded from school until seen by a health care provider or condition clears.

Pink Eye (conjunctivitis): A student with red eye(s) AND white, green, or yellow discharge will be excluded from school until seen by a health care provider or until condition clears. If medication is prescribed the student may return to school after being on prescribed medication for 24 hours.

Strep throat: After a diagnosis of strep throat, the student may return to school after being on antibiotics for 24 hours and is fever free.

Head lice: Please check your child’s hair weekly for head lice during the school year. A student may return to school after a confirmed case of head lice following the first treatment shampoo and combing. The student must retreat in 7-10 days and continue daily combings for at least 14 days. School personnel will check the student’s hair after the second shampoo treatment. Please see Park City School District website under Departments, Health Services, then lice for more information.

School Injuries: School Nurses are not on site at all times as they cover several schools. Minor injuries will be given first aid. The Office staff will assist the ill or injured student with a telephone call to the parent when necessary. If the medical situation is an emergency the School staff will call 911.