District Administration

Cabinet Members

Dr. Gildea Dr. Jill Gildea
Superintendent About Dr. Gildea
Todd Hauber
Business Administrator
Traci Evans
Interim Associate Superintendent of Teaching & Learning
Dr. Tim McConnell
Associate Superintendent of Human Resources
Dr. Ben Belnap
Associate Superintendent of Student Wellness
Drew Frink
Director of Technology


Melinda Colton
Director, Communications
Richard Eddington
Director, Transportation
Todd Hansen
Director, Buildings & Grounds
Todd Klarich
Director, Community Education
Jaclyn Knapp Jaclyn Knapp
Director, Special Education
Abby McNulty
Executive Director, Park City Education Foundation
Director, Child Nutrition

Program Specialists

Eric Esquivel
Latino Community Relations
Julie Hastings
Elementary Curriculum Specialist
Gary Spencer
Suzanne Tanner
Supervisor, District Nurses