Park City School District


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PowerSchool, the web-based student information system used by the Park City School District, provides you with a convenient means of being involved in your student's school day.

At any time you can get up to date information on a student's grades, attendance, and lunch balance, as well as teacher comments, the daily bulletin for your student's school, and e-mail access to your student's teachers. You may also elect to have automatic e-mail reports sent to you on a daily, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis by clicking on the e-mail notification link in PowerSchool.

Access to any Internet browser such as Netscape, Internet Explorer, or Safari, and your confidential user ID and password are the only tools you need. The link to PowerSchool is:

User IDs and passwords will be issued at registration and will be changed on a yearly basis for your protection and confidentiality. Please contact your school office if you do not have the necessary ID and password. After verifying that you are, indeed, the parent/guardian of the student, they will be happy to give you the requested information.

Middle and high school students are also issued IDs and passwords which allow them to logon to PowerSchool to view their grades and assignments, providing a way to help them accept responsibility for their work.

Because students do not have access to modify the e-mail notification portion of PowerSchool when using their own login information, it is highly recommended that you keep your ID and password confidential and let your student use his or her own id and password.