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Child Nutrition

15 TO CLEAN: A Children's Health Initiative 

In an effort to raise standards around the quality and healthfulness of meals served at Park City schools, even beyond baseline USDA requirements, the Park City School District Child Nutrition Task Force has identified 15 additives/ingredients to remove from the menu (district-wide) over the next three years. These ingredients were prioritized based on the very latest in science and research, and reflect an overall shift happening across the country. 

As part of this initiative, at least 18 NEW, freshly-prepared, healthy and delicious options will be "voted in" by our students. A multi-pronged educational campaign will educate our kids about the more nutritious selections to make sure they will actually try the food, like it -- and eat it! 


In order to progress at an attainable pace, five ingredients will be trimmed from our offerings throughout each year, starting this year.


  1. Trans-fats
  2. High-fructose corn syrup
  3. MSG
  4. Sucralose
  5. Sulphite / Sulfites


Students will be given the opportunity to engage in:

  1. Adventure Bites: bi-monthly student taste tests, each of which will conclude with a digital survey for student feedback, conducted in partnership with EATS Park City
  2. Nutrition Curriculum: a group of teachers will create ways to integrate healthy eating into already-existing curriculum
  3. Classroom, school & community gardens: planting, growing and learning about producing their own food
  4. After-school EATS cooking classes: learning to put a recipe together using healthy, tasty ingredients
  5. Community events: celebrating healthful eating with parents and community members while educating our communty about the strides being taken for better nutrition at Park City School District


The 15 TO CLEAN initiative will introduce at least 18 new recipes for students to try this school year. PCSD child nutrition staff and local chefs will craft the recipes, with additional contributions from renowned Park City eating establishments. The recipes will range from entreés to salad dressings -- and ingredients will be sourced locally whenever possible. Students will vet the choices through the tast test program Adventure Bites, presented by EATS Park City each month at each school. Check out the schedule HERE - and recipes already tried HERE! Through Adventure Bites, kids will help handpick options to be placed on the school menus. 


Park City School District is working on 15 TO CLEAN in partnership with highly-qualified experts in our community: our incredible child nutrition staff; the EATS Park City team; Jodie Rogers, Director of Food & Beverage at Deer Valley Resort; Alex Malmborg, Executive Chef of Mountain Dining at Park City Mountain; Kate Geagan, America's Green Nutritionist; and a number of world-class Park City-area restaurants.


  • Deer Valley Resort
  • Park City Mountain
  • Riverhorse on Main
  • Blind Dog Restaurant
  • Squatters Roadhouse Grill
  • Done To Your Taste Catering
  • Silver Star Café 


15 TO CLEAN launches in August of 2016. The school year will begin with salad bars based on Deer Valley's Natural Buffet in each elementary school. Of note -- no iceberg lettuce! The salad bar will be stocked with romaine, and even heartier greens will be rotated in as our kids' taste buds acclimate to more robust flavors. In addition to the basics, salad bar options could include quinoa & lentils, kale chips & taro sticks (crunchy treats made from taro root), bean & broccoli, hummus & edamame. 


Park City School District continues to source wholesome food locally. We use items like milk, bread, apples, peaches and lettuce from local providers whenever possible. Lettuce and carrots are provided by the New Roots Farm Training Program, which is run by the International Rescue Committee. The organization provides "opportunities for refugees, asylees, victims of human trafficking, survivors of torture and other immigrants to thrive in America."


A group of grade-level teachers, physical education teachers and counselors will analyze scholarly resources to determine how to integrate food, nutrition, health and culture (while maintaining Park City School District's rigorous academic standards) into existing curriculum. Work is expected to be piloted starting January of 2017. 


Parents and students can learn more about each day's menu by clicking "Menus" on the left side of this page (or head to Pictures of each food item are available, as well as nutrition information, carb counts, and icons which can alert you to specific ingredients (like eggs, wheat, soy, etc.). The menus are also accessible by app - simply search "Nutrislice" in the Apple Store or Google Play.


Park City School District's Child Nutrition Task Force, as part of its 15 TO CLEAN child health initiative, has defined "scratch cooking" or "from scratch" as follows:

Our onsite Child Nutrition Team uses fresh, expertly-sourced ingredients with emphasis on single-ingredient, minimally-processed food to create nutritious recipes and meals for Park City students. 

The EATS Park City team (EATS stands for Eat Awesome Things at School) has a mission to "Ensure every student has access to fresh, nutrition, appealing food and opportunities to develop lifelong positive and healthy food habits." The organization has advocated for improved school food offerings for our students since 2013, and the team at Park City School District looks forward to a long and happy partnership with EATS!

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