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Effective Elementary Reading Instruction Practicums 2013-14

Effective Tier I Reading Intervention

Open for Grades 2 & 3 teachers

Goal: to become more effective and efficient at delivering Tier I reading instruction to help struggling G2 – G5 readers become more fluent.

Vehicles to Achieve Goal:

  • core reading program materials
  • clinical practicum p.d. format

Participating Educators Will:

  1. Become proficient at executing a set of routines to ensure ‘miles on the page’ to help struggling students increase fluency.
  2. Become more proficient at planning for and executing comprehension instruction that encourages close reading and knowledge of text structure.

Logistics & Expectations

  1. Attend 9 half-day group clinical trainings
  2. Be observed 1:1at school 6 times
  3. Commit to using routines with a small group or whole class 40 minutes daily
  4. Commit to planning for comprehension work with grade-level team for upcoming selections

Assessment and Intervention for Struggling Readers, Next Steps Practicum

Course Description

This credit/no-credit continuing education course is designed to help develop educators’ theoretical and practical knowledge of effective, research-based assessment and intervention for struggling readers of all ages who have reached a primer level, but whose reading abilities are below mid-grade three level. Participants build a conceptual framework for reading development and effective intervention through a year-long, mentored tutoring experience.

Who Can Participate?

The course is open to all educators, including classroom teachers, special educators, administrators, paraprofessionals, and ESL teachers

Course Expectations

Through tutoring, observations, reading and attendance at clinical sessions and seminars (to be held a half day once a month at a school) participants will be expected to extend their knowledge of reading development, motivation, and assessment. Participants will be expected to use their knowledge as they provide ongoing, one-on-one assessment and intervention for at least one struggling reader.


  • Limited to 12 participants
  • Clinical Sessions—27 hours (2.7 Hours of Lane Change Credit)
  • Seminar—5 hours of video learning (time to be determined by the group)
  • 3 Semester credit hours available through Univ. of Utah
  • Tutoring –Approximately 50 hours required

For further information contact your school's Literacy Specialist

Park City ESL Endorsement Program

The Park City School district in partnership with Northeastern Utah Educational Services and Southern Utah University offers a year long program for educators to earn their ESL Endorsement both on-site and through distance learning. If you are interested in this program, please review the welcome letter and calendar. For further questions please contact Anna Williams, 435-645-5650 ext 2050.



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