Park City School District

Employee Benefit Information

Benefits Summary

Overview of PCSD Benefits: Benefits Summary

Benefits Enrollment

Benefits will be offered to employees who are working a minimum of .5 FTE (Full Time Equivalency) or 20 hours per week and are working in a benefits eligible position. Benefits begin the first of the month following the employees hire date. Employees are not automatically enrolled in any insurance plans. Enrollment forms must be completed and returned to the benefits office within 30 days of the employees hire date. If the enrollment forms are not received within this 30 day time period the employee will waive coverage until the next open enrollment period. Exceptions to this regulation occur only if the employee experiences a qualifying life event.

Benefits Contributions (1.0 FTE Only)

The PCSD currently pays 100% of family coverage for Silver 70/30 medical plan and dental coverage for a full time employee (1.0 FTE or 40 hours per week). The District also provides a life insurance policy equal to the employees base annual salary rounded to the nearest $1,000 dollars. Dependent life insurance of $2,000 spouse and $2,000 per dependent child is also provided. Supplemental life insurance is available at an additional cost to the employee. The PCSD provides vision insurance for the employee only. Two Party and Family vision coverage are available at a reduced rate to the employee.

Benefits Contributions (Less than 1.0 FTE)

If an employee is working less than 1.0 FTE, the District will pay the FTE equivalent of the premium and the employee will be responsible for the remainder. (Example: For an employee working .75 FTE or 30 hours per week, the Districts pays 75% of premium and employee contributes via automatic payroll deduction the remaining 25%).

Changes to Benefits

Employees must login to to report a qualifying life event. The District benefits office must receive notice of the change from employee navigator by the 10th of the month in order to be reflected in the current month's payroll. Changes received after the 10th of the month will be reflected in the following month's payroll.

Benefits Terminations

The PCSD will allow terminations as provided in insurance carriers' group service agreements. Benefits will remain in place until the end of the month in which the employee last worked. Benefits for contract employees will continue through the last day of the month of the contract. Employees may have a COBRA option to continue insurance coverage and will receive additional information following termination.

New Employee Information

If you are a new participant in the benefit system, please review our New Participant Checklist to make sure you fill out all the necessary forms.