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Dr. Ember Conley, Superintendent

We are working diligently on updating the district-learning plan during the winter months. The governing board will have updates during each month’s work session. For agendas and minutes School Board Meetings. As a historical understanding, the district-learning plan was built upon a comprehensive needs assessment with over 15 input sessions from students, staff, and community members. As we move into budget season and review our policies, the district-learning plan will help guide our actions.

It is important to remember that with the district-learning plan, the Professional Learning Community Model is the framework for learning.

Learning is the fundamental purpose of our district. Our goal is to ensure high levels of learning for ALL students in the Park City School District. It requires each school to examine all practices in light of their impact on LEARNING.
All students learn!

Overview for a District Learning Plan
District improvement planning provides a mechanism for identifying needs and establishing a common approach to meeting those needs at the school level. Effective district and school improvement planning contributes to overall district and school performance by:
● Establishing an understanding of the “big picture” of a district's current state, including student achievement, school environment, teacher community, parent community, and administrative issues;
● Reaching understanding across the school district community on which needs represent the highest priorities for action based upon the potential to improve overall student and school performance and growth;
● Identifying for implementation goals and strategies, including specific targets, indicators and milestones required to address the district priorities;
● Recognizing the importance of positive school climate throughout the district to improve the climate for learning through an intentional model to be implemented and sustained to ensure quality, safe, equitable, and engaging environments for students and adults.

As we work through updating the strategic plan, it is important to understand that we have an “operational plan” in place to guide the process. Below are important links and visuals referencing the current strategic plan.

Strategic Plan

Park City School District empowers students to develop their knowledge, skills, and potential as critical thinkers. We maximize resources for academic rigor and excellence through staff, programs, and technology that make learning relevant to the emerging world in which we live.
Park City School District is a district of choice that provides an innovative and excellent education to all students and fosters learning and success.

● Excellence in Teaching and Learning
● Respect and Commitment
● Personal and Social Responsibility
● Community Engagement
● Sustainability of Resources
● Learning
● Instruction
● Choice and Options
● Programs
● Partnerships

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Ember Conley, EdD
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