Park City School District

Educator Evaluation

The Educator Evaluation Committee

The Educator Evaluation Committee continued work on Thursday January 24th. The committee is charged with meeting statutory regulations on implementing a revised educator evaluation process and will be working through the spring to incorporate the necessary changes into the Board policy on educator evaluation as well as propose a piloting plan for the 2013-14.

An equal number of teachers, administrators and parents make up the Board appointed committee.

Parent Participants:

  • Lynn Cier - PCHS
  • Kevin King - MPES
  • Hilary Fiveash - EHMS
  • Stephanie Obradovich * TES


  • Anne Jackman - PPES
  • Terry Daenitz - TES
  • Juleen Smith - EHMS
  • Jenn King - PCHS


  • Bob O’Connor - Secondary Principals
  • Bob Edmiston - Elementary Principals**
  • Kathleen Einhorn - District Curriculum
  • (Chair) Tim McConnell - Human Resources

**Mr. Edmiston began with the committee as the principal at MPES

TRIPOD Student Surveys

TRIPOD Student Surveys will be taken by the students of Park City School District during March of 2013. If you are interested additional information about the student surveys, the following links are recommended: