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Park City School District Start Times




The transportation consultant is expected to submit an initial summary, which should include introductory findings on potentially making current routes more efficient and any progress on start times considerations, on March 7. An update with those findings will be emailed to staff and parents. It will also be posted on the website and on the Park City School District Facebook page. 


We have a new Park City School District Transportation Director, Richard Eddington, who is working with our transportation consultant. The District's transportation consultant has started some work on-site, specifically examining our bus routes. We will keep the community informed when the Start Times Implementation Task Force is scheduled to meet again.


Park City School District has awarded the transportation consultant contract to School Bus Consultants. The consultant will begin site visits January 2017.

At the December 6, 2016 Park City Board of Education meeting, the Board approved a budget expense to hire a transportation consultant. An RFP was posted and the School District aims to have the hiring process finished by the first of January. Work with the consultant is expected to begin in mid-January.


Superintendent Conley has determined that, in an effort to keep the best interests of all Park City School District students a priority, no elementary school will begin earlier than 7:50 a.m. The School Board also determined that secondary schools should end no later than 3:10 p.m.


The Park City Board of Education approved a motion to "move forward with charging an implementation committee for starting the school daily start time for ALL SCHOOLS, with the high school starting no earlier than 8:30 a.m., with the committee making a recommendation based on operational, financial, student health and safety considerations."

An Implementation Task Force has been created; it includes ‚Äčteachers, principals, staff, district office representatives, community representatives, and a number of members from the Start Times Committee. The ITF is charged with the task of figuring out exactly how to implement the change to start times. The ITF will also recommend a timeline for implementation to the Governing Board - with the expectation from the Board that it happens as quickly as is feasible. Among the ITF's considerations:

  • Impact on students, staff & parents
  • Specific timing
  • Transportation routes 
  • Cost to implement

Of note: based on mock runs already conducted by the Transportation Department, a 3 bell schedule (needed to keep this implementation budget neutral) would need to run 60 minutes apart. Adjustments to the order in which kids are picked up and dropped off have led to things like more left turns: a simple change that adds significant time to routes. 

We still need feedback on how changes to start times for ALL SCHOOLS will affect our families. If you have comments about start times, please email Molly Miller,