Park City School District
Park City School District


2018-19 Master Planning

Master Planning Timeline

Roles and Responsibilities

Owner Representative

Park City School District has retained NV5 out of Denver as its owner representative for the 2018-19 master planning process.

Executive Committee

The executive committee consists of:

-Dr. Jill Gildea, Superintendent

-Todd Hauber, Business Administrator

-Anne Peters, Board of Education

-Todd Hansen, Director of Facilities

-Melinda Colton, Director of Communicatins

Steering Committee

The district asked community members to volunteer for its master planning steering committee. This committee consists of diverse stakeholder groups and its objective is to ensure that all stakeholder groups have a voice and the opportunity to be involved in this longterm educational planning process. The commitee membership will be made available once we receive permission from members to share their contact information.

Master Planning Consultants

The Board of Education has hired GSBS out of Salt Lake City to serve as its master planning consultants.