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Park City School District
New state assessments coming this spring.
Kindergarten registration now open online
World premiere of Where Students Lead, April 15

2019-20 Kindergarten Registration Now Open

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Future of Learning Options Presented to Board April 16

It’s all coming together. The Future of Learning team is developing education scenarios for how Park City education might look in the future.  These scenarios will address major issues identified by the community – issues like grade alignment, school size and building uses. A range of options will be presented to the Board of Education on April 16 during its regular meeting beginning at 4 p.m. at the District Office. For more information about the process and how community input has been use, visit our Future of Learning website here.

Parent's Guide to Standards-Based Learning

SBL LogoAs Park City School District transforms schools to meet the needs of the future, it is critical we examine the ways we prepare and engage students. Assessments and grades are two ways we provide feedback on student performance. We believe grades should reflect the proficiency of a student in relation to a specific standard. ”Standards-based learning” is a method of providing feedback that is purely academic in nature and a more accurate reflection of what the student actually knows and can do. The parent guide below provides parents the rationale to why we are transitioning to standards-based learning in Park City School District.

Applications Accepted for Two Administrative Positions

Park City School District is seeking a highly qualified Chief Academic Officer and Director of Talent Management. The district wishes to have successful candidates assume the responsibilities of the positions on July 1, 2019. McPherson & Jacobson, L.L.C., Executive Recruitment and Development, has been engaged as the consultant in a search for outstanding candidates. They will assist the district in identifying and screening the candidates. Applications due April 16.

Chief Academic Officer: The Chief Academic Officer organizes, administers, coordinates K-12 curriculum, instruction, and assessment. Under general supervision of the Superintendent develops, implements, directs, supervises, and coordinates the curriculum and instruction programs for the district, and develops and implements professional development programs, consistent with the district goals as well as applicable laws. More information here.

Director of Talent Management: The primary duty of the Talent Management Director is to assist the Chief Operations Officer in creating and implementing departmental plans, which involves identifying departmental needs and establishing plans of action. The Talent Management Director will oversee issues related to recruitment, position classification, and compliance with state and federal regulations. The Talent Management Director will ensure the district meets all regulatory requirements related to recruitment and selection, EEO compliance, job classification, and employee relations. More information here.

Master Educational Planning Underway This School Year

Park City School District is collaborating with the collective community during the 2018-19 school year asking what they want learning to look like in the coming years. The nine-month project will ultimately produce a community-based education vision and a proposed system to deliver on that vision. “The Future of Learning” will be the roadmap to the future for the school district,” said Superintendent Jill Gildea. “We will be asking educators, students, parents, and community members what they want learning to look like in the coming years and how that will be implemented in our District.”

Weekly community updates here.

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Superintendent Gildea said previous master planning for the district was designed to address specific building needs. But this process focuses on how today’s students learn and how the environment and teaching methods can best support that – both now and in the future.

GSBS, a consulting firm in Salt Lake City, is assisting the district with this planning. The four-step process will include:

– Identify the community’s vision;

– Create guiding principles and education specifications;

– Analyze existing facilities as they relate to the principles, and;

– Provide final recommendations for implementation.

Community Steering Committee Created

Earlier this summer the district invited community members to volunteer for its master educational planning Steering Committee. This committee will ensure that all groups have a voice and the opportunity to be involved in this long-term educational planning. The Steering Committee held its first meeting in September.

Community Engagement Open House

The community will have its first opportunity to engage with the team and the process during an evening open house on Monday, Oct. 29, at the Summit County Sheldon Richins Building Auditorium. Sessions will be held at 5:30 and 6:30 p.m.

The Future of Learning Summit

The following day, Oct. 30, the district has invited teachers, community members, students and the Steering Committee to attend a day-long “The Future of Learning Summit” held at the District Office from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. The event will be recorded and posted to the District’s website under “The Future of Learning” tab.

Workshops with Subgroups

Over the next six months, the consultant team will host six additional “mini” workshops with various segments of the community to generate educator and community input into the educational specifications surrounding pedagogy, curriculum, assessment, learning spaces, and student learning experience.

Additionally, there will two more open houses (December and April) that will seek the community’s feedback on the progress made at the summit and workshops. The community will also be asked for input through a series of online surveys.

Final Recommendations

Once the education specifications have been created, the consulting team will evaluate existing facilities for alignment and the ability to deliver the education specifications. Final recommendations, including education specifications, potential facility needs, and funding will be presented to the Board of Education in May 2019.

New State Assessments Coming This Spring

Assessments play an important role in preparing students for the future. Beginning in April, students in grades 3-8 throughout Utah will take the new RISE standards assessment test. RISE, which replaces SAGE, will offer a baseline for student learning, while ensuring that student growth and proficiency reflect what a student knows and can do.

Students in grades 9 and 10 will participate in the Utah Aspire Plus, a high school assessment that provide a predictive score for their college readiness assessment (ACT).

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What You Need to Know About RISE

What You Need to Know About Utah Aspire Plus