• Athletics/Activities

    The athletic program at Park City High School is designed to provide wholesome co-curricular opportunities for boys and girls who desire competitive activity. Any student in grades 9-12 is welcome to try out for an interscholastic team if he/she meets the following standards:

    1. Student is eligible under the school, league and state requirements.
    2. Student follows a simple set of training rules, which the coaching staff believes is fair.
    3. Complete eligibility packet, including proof of insurance and fee payment before first practical competition.

    Some of the minimum rules for individual eligibility include:

    1. Scholarship rule – a 2.0 GPA previous quarter minimum grade point average is mandatory. Check with the Athletic Director for specific information.
    2. Parental consent and a physician’s certificate, completely filled in must be submitted to the athletic office.
    3. Sportsmanship – understand and acknowledge that sportsmanship is an important element of being a student/athlete at PCHS.

    The UHSAA activities program includes:
    Boys: Football, basketball, soccer, track, tennis, golf, cross country, swimming, diving, baseball, and wrestling.
    Girls: Volleyball, soccer, track, cheerleading, basketball, cross country, tennis, swimming, diving, and softball.
    Co-ed: Debate, drama, and music.

    Athletics/Activities Director: Jamie Sheetz, 435-645-5650 or jsheetz@pcschools.us

    See the Park City High School website for information on PCHS sports