• Behavior Expectations

    Treasure Mountain Junior High is committed to creating a caring, respectful, and safe school environment with consistent classroom expectations and consequences. Therefore, we are using a positive behavior intervention system (PBIS) and are working together to build a consistent schoolwide culture using these behavior expectations:

    • Be Responsible
    • Be Respectful
    • Be Ready

    We use these expectations to teach students how to behave in every area of our school. Each teacher will customize a matrix that explains what the expectations will look like in their individual classroom. We will be using many different strategies to teach and reinforce positive behavior.

    Teachers will also use a Three-Strikes Policy for infractions in the classroom.

    • Strike One: Warning and redirection
    • Strike Two-Written reflection or teacher selected intervention
    • Strike Three-Referral to ISS for the remainder of the class period. Parents are contacted by the teacher.

    Flagrant Fouls (extreme misbehavior) or two or more ISS referrals in semester will result in an office referral. This may result in increased behavior interventions as determined appropriate by the administration and the PCSD Safe Schools Policy.

    Restorative Practices and Accountability

    The majority of students at TMJH demonstrate positive behavior choices everyday. However, when a student is involved in a minor conflict or incident, then, teachers, staff, and administration will use restorative practices to assist students in a process that helps them  reflect on and be held accountable for their behavior. This means that the student who caused harm will be asked to reflect, in writing or through a conversation with an adult, on their behavior and develop a plan that “makes it right” with all parties involved. This process teaches positive behavior changes and supports the student during the process. All students will experience a fair process and  be treated with dignity and respect.

    Zero Tolerance

    The Park City School District is a Zero Tolerance District. The following are not tolerated at TMJH at any time. Please tell an adult if you are ever aware of something from this list happening at school:

    • Bullying
    • Harassment
    • Sexual Harassment
    • Alcohol/Drugs
    • Gang Activity
    • Assault/Fighting
    • Weapons of any kind
    • Tobacco
    • Hazing
    • Look-alike weapons

    In addition, online harassment and “sexting” will result in possible disciplinary action and police involvement. An online anonymous reporting site has been established to report any infractions. Go to this link.