• Dress Code

    Treasure Mountain Junior High School is focused on student learning and achievement; therefore, clothing must be school-appropriate, respectful, and allow a full range of motion (sitting, bending, reaching, running, etc.) without requiring a continuous need for readjustment.

    Some teachers may require students to remove hats and hoods during their classes.

    Additional dress code issues that will be addressed include:

    • Gang-affiliated clothing and accessories.
    • Clothing should not expose a substantial amount of the torso (as a reference if the exposed skin exceeds the width of the student’s hand), they are likely in dress code violation.
    • Students’ shorts should not expose the student’s bottom. We recognize that there is differences in fits based on each individual’s body, but as a general rule, students’ shorts should not be shorter than 3 inch inseam.
    • Clothing with vulgar, profane, or illegal messages.
    • Inadequate footwear.

    The administration shall be the final judge as to the appropriateness of the apparel. If it is deemed inappropriate, the student will be asked to contact their parent for a change of clothing, or the school will provide a change.