• General Guidelines

    Assembly Behavior:

    • Move quickly and quietly to your assigned seat.
    • Sit quietly and listen throughout the assembly.
    • Show appreciation to the performers with appropriate applause.

    Backpacks and Bags:

    • Currently, students may bring their backpacks to their classrooms.
    • Laptop sleeves are required for laptop transportation and, therefore, are allowed.
    • Backpacks may be used when traveling to and from high school.
    • Sports bags and instruments can be stored in the Forum, on the right side of the stage steps. Bags must be out of the way and lined up or stacked neatly.
    • Any final decision regarding a student’s backpack, bag or purse will be made by the school administration.

    Bicycles, Skateboards, Roller Blades, Etc.:

    • Bicycles must be kept locked up outside in the front of the school.
    • Skateboards must be left in the front office or student’s locker.
    • Roller blades must be kept in the student’s locker.
    • TMJH is not responsible for lost or stolen property.
    • Bicycles, skateboards, roller blades are not allowed to be used inside the school.

    Bus Conduct:

    • Bus transportation is a privilege and students are expected to conduct themselves in a proper manner at all times.
    • Consequences for bus referrals are as follows: 1st referral—probation/warning, 2nd referral—loss of privileges for 5 days, 3rd referral—loss of privileges for 45 days, 4th referral—loss of privileges for the remainder of the school year.
    • For more information regarding bus conduct, please go to the District transportation page.

    Clubs and Activities:

    • Students are encouraged to participate in extra-curricular activities that might enhance their social experience at TMJH.
    • TMJH offers periodic dances, as well as numerous clubs, such as the National Junior Honor Society and Book Club.
    • Ask your teachers what other opportunities might exist, or visit the Clubs and Activities page.
    • 9th grade students may participate in high school clubs and sports.


    Dance Behavior:

    • Appropriate behavior and dress are expected at all times.
    • Students must arrange for their own transportation and must be picked up within 30 minutes of the end of a dance.
    • Dances held at TMJH are for TMJH students only.
    • You must remain inside the school during dances, no re-entry.
    • 9th graders are allowed to attend some PCHS dances. Please check with TMJH administration for which dances are approved.

    Guidance Services:

    • Each student is assigned to a counselor who will assist students throughout their academic years at TMJH.
    • Counselors will assist students with orientation to school, study habits, and personal concerns.
    • Counselors are available to students at all times.
    • For more information regarding our counseling department, please click the link.

    Hallway and Classroom Expectations:

    • Walking and good citizenship are expected behaviors.
    • Students must have a Hall Pass to be in the halls during class time.
    • Running, playing, pushing, and/or using profanity are not acceptable.

    Lost/Damaged Textbooks/Paperback Novels:

    • Fines will be charged for lost or damaged textbooks/paperback novels.
    • Guidelines for lost/damaged book fees are available in the front office.

    Lunchroom Expectation:

    • Please clean up after yourself!
    • Keep your own place in the lunch line. Do not cut or save space for someone else.
    • Students may eat at lunch tables.

    Student Laptops:

    • Students are responsible for maintaining their school-issued laptops and keeping them in good condition.
    • Laptops must be kept in laptop sleeves when being transported from classroom to classroom, and home to school.
    • In the event of damage to the laptop or power adapter, a $100 deductible fee will be charged. All subsequent damage to the laptop will be at a cost of $200 plus any charges for parts/repairs. 
    • For more information regarding student laptops, please go to our district webpage.

    School Lunches:

    • Students may choose to buy or bring their own lunch.
    • Lunches are to be prepaid in the TMJH lunchroom or through PayPams.
    • Each student will have an individual lunch account and parents will be notified when the account’s balance is nearing zero.
    • Students may buy from vending machines; however, lunch account money may not be used for these purchases.
    • Free and reduced lunch applications may be picked up from the front office or downloaded here.
    • All students on free or reduced lunch must reapply each school year.
    • Students and parents may not have food delivered from a restaurant to school during the normal school day.

    School Safety-Visitors and Volunteers:

    • ALL VISITORS, including parents, must enter the school through the front doors.  Visitors will be required to sign in and out and receive a Visitor Name Tag. This is required if you wish to be in the building.  Un-badged persons will be stopped and questioned.
    • Student shadowing is not permitted at Treasure Mountain Junior High.
      The Park City School District takes student and school safety seriously. See the School Safety pages of the district website for more information.