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  • Park City STEAM (Science Technology Engineering Arts and Math) Education

    Park City has outstanding programs in science and mathematics and is actively developing opportunities for K-12 students in engineering and technology. Along with the STEM activities, the district includes art education as art and design are important interpretations of mathematical concepts.
    PCSD students have opportunities both within the school day and after school to engage in a wide range of STEM activities. Schools offer programs such robotics, Lego League, Olympiad of the Mind, Online Math League. Every school is involved in the District Science Fair. Park City High School has recognized AP programs in math and Science.
    For more information on Park City School District’s STEAM contact Traci Evans tevans@pcschools.us
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    Science Fairs

    Information on the district and school science fairs can be found here: parkcity.illuminatingsoftware.com

    STEAM Activities

    Below are some exciting STEAM activities for students and teachers. Click on each heading for more information.