• Community Council

    The Park City High School Community Council has been tasked with developing a long-range, strategic school improvement plan which encompasses three years and is focused primarily on the setting, monitoring, and assessing goals to improve student achievement. The allocation for the 2022-23 school year is $129,982.54. All School Community Council meetings are open to the public.

    The Community Council maintains files on Google Drive.
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    Park City High School Community Council Members

    Chair:  Zachariah Maynard, Parent 
    Vice-Chair:  Rafe Sykes, Parent 
    Secretary:  Jaelee Wantanabe, Staff 
    Samantha Ball, Parent
    Bill Circaco, Parent
    Stephen Fox, Parent
    Caren McClelland, Parent
    Sara Sargent, Parent
    Jamie Taylor, Parent
    Roger Arbabi, Staff (Administrator)
    Shannon Hase, Staff
    Bob Edmiston Staff (Administrator)

    2022-2023 Meeting Dates 

    September 15:  Minutes
    October 20:  Minutes
    November 17:  Agenda
    December 14:  Postponed
    January 12:  Agenda
    January 19:  Agenda
    February 16: 
    April 20: 
    May 18:

    2021-2022 Meeting Dates

    September 23:  Minutes
    October 21:  Minutes
    November 18:  Agenda
    December 16:  Agenda
    January 27 (Virtual):  Agenda
    February 17:  Agenda
    March 17:  Agenda
    April 21:  Agenda
    May 19: