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Park City School District

Emergency Info

Park City School District has a parent notification system called Swift K-12 that directly interfaces with PowerSchool. It has the ability to call, email or text parents/guardians for emergencies, or school-related items. The system uses the phone numbers, and email address provided to us at registration time. It is important that parents/guardians keep this information updated with the schools so you can receive important and timely notices. Messages are also translated into Spanish.

Please review the Emergency Communications protocol the district uses during non-emergency incidents at schools, emergencies at schools, and weather-related delayed starts or closures.

INTERNAL LINK Emergency Communications          INTERNAL LINK Comunicaciones de Emergencia 


Emergency Communications flow chart


Emergency Numbers

f you notice anyone exhibiting any one or more of the following, get help IMMEDIATELY by calling:

911 – Emergency



Text Telephone:

Suicide Hotline
in Spanish:
(Press 2)

Military Veterans
Suicide Hotline:
(Press 1)

LGBT Youth
Suicide Hotline: