Return to School

Park City School District is committed to helping protect the health and safety of our students, families, and staff.  We are monitoring the changing coronavirus pandemic closely and continue to comply with all State and local health guidelines, directives, and orders.


Will students be required to wear masks at school?

Under Utah Code §§ 26-1-30(3), (5), and (6), the Department of Health has the power and duty to promote and protect the health and wellness of the people within the state; to control the causes of epidemic, infectious, communicable, and other diseases affecting the public health; and to prevent and control communicable, infectious, acute, chronic, or any other disease or health hazard that the Department considers to be dangerous, important, or likely to affect the public health.  Each individual, including an employee, student, or visitor, on school property or on a school bus shall wear a face covering,

As per Governor Herbert’s directive, flexibility will be given to accommodate younger children and students with special needs or concerns.

Will faculty be required to wear masks at school?

Faculty and staff will wear masks or shields when physical distancing is not feasible.

What changes will be made to the classroom environment?

To mitigate the spread of coronavirus, teachers will assign seats and/or small groups to support contact tracing. As much as possible, we will keep the same students and teachers / staff with each group. We will also maximize the space between seating and desks and face all students forward.

Nonessential furniture and equipment is being taken out of classrooms to increase distancing footprints. Students will also have few shared supplies in the classroom.

What is PCSD doing to meet the guidelines for increased cleaning and sanitizing?
  • We have increased the frequency of sanitizing all areas, especially restrooms and other high-traffic areas.
  • Frequently touched surfaces and items (doorknobs, desks, computers, sporting equipment, shared supplies, etc.) will be cleaned and disinfected at least daily.
  • Hand sanitizer, disinfecting wipes, soap, and water, or similar disinfectant, will be readily available to all staff, students, and visitors in controlled environments.
  • We are strictly complying with all other Summit County Health Department recommendations.

What is in place for students/families with ongoing health concerns?

PCSD will create a plan for students, families, or staff who identify as high risk for severe illness due to COVID-19. The plan will address requests for such things as alternative learning or additional safety protocols. Students who cannot attend school in person this fall have the option of;

  1. distance learning, where students join classes virtually and synchronously, or
  2. blended learning, where students share time between physical and online classrooms.

What if we simply choose to keep our student home for the school year?

PCSD will accommodate the personal decisions of families and students who would prefer to continue remote learning, to the extent of resources available.

Will students still have concerts and assemblies?

Students and staff will wear face coverings when participating in large group gatherings in the auditorium or gym. Students will have socially distant and assigned seats. Nonessential assemblies, concerts, dances, etc. will be limited or canceled. More virtual gatherings will occur

Will students be allowed to have recess?

Yes. Playgrounds will be managed with health and safety principles and requirements in place. Recess will be scheduled so that equipment can be disinfected between each use. A limited number of students will be on the playground at any given time.

Can I still volunteer in the classroom?

Nonessential visitors and volunteers will be limited. Visitors and non-regular staff must submit to a temperature check and wear a face mask and visitor badge. They must sign in, list the location being visited, and sign out.

What can families do to help prevent the spread of COVID-19?

A student that exhibits any symptom of illness should be kept home. Parents should consider keeping students home if they have been exposed to a family or household member who is sick.