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Park City School District

Research Requests

Research can be an important tool to ensure our school system is equitable and empowers each student and their family. The Park City School District (PCSD) supports the conduct of educational research and strives to achieve this by collaborating with educators, students, families, community-based organizations, and university partners –listening to and uplifting the stories of our communities. 

As such, our district partners with school leaders, educators, students, families and the community to support novel research that contributes to organizational learning, planning and decision-making aligned to our district strategic goals and objectives. Additionally, we support grant-funding efforts that provide innovative research-practice partnerships with external researchers and organizations on projects that include research and strategic planning, providing consultation and evaluation using academic data analysis, surveys, interviews and other quantitative, qualitative, and design-based research methods and communication. Priority projects seek to primarily support Teaching and Learning –early literacy, math, college and career readiness, school climate and continuous improvement. We view such collaborations as primary vehicles for change, grounding our work in district-wide initiatives and accountability structures that are centered around the PCSD vision of being student-centered with a focus and emphasis on the whole child - our students are safe, supported, engaged, challenged, and healthy.