Staff Training



1. Review the PCSD Policy 10106

2. Watch A Shot to Live

3. Fill out this form indicating you have completed the training.

4. Demonstrate epinephrine auto injector use to your school nurse.


Additional Diabetes Information


Concussions (Traumatic Brain Injury)

Medication Administration and Policy

Opioid Overdose

CPR/AED/First Aid

Law and Policy

FNS USDA 7 CFR 210.31 Local Wellness Policy.


Under Utah Code (53G-7-1202 and 53G-4-402), all elementary, middle and junior high schools are required to create and distribute a Safe Routes Plan. The Safe Route Plans shall encourage an increase of walking and biking to school.


The Federal Pro Children Act of 1994 states: “No person shall permit smoking within any indoor facility utilized for services for kindergarten, elementary or secondary education or library services to children.” This applies to all schools and programs that are funded by the federal government or through state and local governments.


Utah Code 26-38-2: The Utah Indoor Clean Air Act prohibits smoking and vaping at ALL elementary and secondary schools, both public and private; this includes the premises on which those facilities are located.


Utah Code 53G-10-406: Requires a “school-based prevention program” for students in grade 7 or 8 AND AGAIN in 9 or 10, that is aimed at preventing underage consumption of alcohol.  Botvins LifeSkills Training was chosen and approved to meet this requirement as it is a research-validated prevention program proven to reduce the risk of substance abuse and risky behaviors (not just alcohol) by targeting the major social and psychological factors that promote initiation.


Utah Code 53G-9-204: School nursing services.


Utah Code 53G-9-208: Sunscreen possession.


Utah Code 53G-9-301:  Immunizations


Utah Code 53G-9-502: Administration of Medication.


Utah Code 26-53: Protection of athletes with head injuries.


Utah Code 53G-9-703: Parent education-mental health-bullying-safety.


Utah Code 53G-9-704:Youth suicide training for employees.


Utah Code 53G-9-207: Child sex abuse prevention.


Utah Code 26-55: Opiate Overdose Response Act.


Utah Code 53G-9-404: Vision screening.


Utah Code 26-41-103: Stock epinephrine and stock albuterol.



R392-200-9: School Health and Safety.


R156-31b: Nurse Practice Act Rules.


R277-620: Suicide Prevention Programs.


Utah Code 53G-9-702: Suicide prevention.