Substitute Information


Welcome and thank you for substituting in the Park City School District! Substitute teachers are a critical component of education. Regardless if you are a certified teacher, you can still become an expert in substitute teaching. This page is intended to help guide you to information for frequently asked questions and training opportunities for a more positive substitute experience.

For additional information please contact Theresa Eason at or 435-645-5600 x1451.

Substitute Teacher Report

If you’d like to give the District Office feedback on your experience in the classroom as a substitute teacher or leave a report for the permanent teacher, please find the link to a form titled, “Substitute Teacher Report.” Your feedback is always appreciated and very helpful to teachers and the District staff.

How to Become a Substitute in the Park City School District

We appreciate your interest in becoming a substitute employee with the Park City School District. The District office supports continuity in the learning process by timely placing substitute employees when the regular employee (i.e., teacher, paraprofessional, clerical, or other instructional support person) must be absent.

Steps to be considered when applying as a Substitute:

Step 1 Visit the Park City School District web page at:

Step 2 Click on “Jobs.” Then “Career Opportunities” Search or scroll down until you find the job “Substitute Teacher.” Click on “apply.” This will prompt you to create an account or log into your existing account. Make sure you have your three reference names and email addresses on-hand to enter their information. Complete the application online and click “submit.”

Step 3 When all three references have been completed and received by email, your application will be reviewed by the Director of Human Resources for consideration. If approved, Theresa Eason will contact you about the next step in the hiring process, i.e., fingerprints and additional paper work to be completed for payroll. Please note: All three references must come back to the District Office prior to be able to be considered.

Sub-Finder MasterTeacher Website

Once your application has been approved as a substitute teacher for the Park City School District, you may access the sub-system web-page from the Park City School District web site:

  • Go to the Sub System
  • Type in your user ID and password
    • Your User ID is: xxxx (your employee number)
    • Your Password is: xxxxxx (your birth date)

From this website, you can check your schedule, find available jobs, review your assignments, and update your profile. To change school locations or subject areas, you will need to contact the District Office. Please note: If you do not pick up a substitute job within a three to six-month period, you may be removed the substitute system without further notice.

The PCSD has implemented a procedure whereby if a substitute goes for three to six months without accepting a job, the substitute may be exited from the sub system. Exiting those individuals who choose not to substitute for a full year will allow those subs who do want to work or are on the waiting list to rotate into the system.

School Information

Please read the following information regarding your substitute teaching assignment. The PCSD has high expectations for our students; they should treat you with respect. With your interest in mind, we ask all substitute teachers to follow the protocol outlined below:

  1. Please arrive on time to sign-in at the office. Please have your job number with you, as it is required when signing in.
  2. Teachers should leave instructions for you in their room, in the front office, or outlined on the board. If you do not locate instructions, please notify the front office immediately.
  3. Please introduce yourself to each class by stating your name clearly and writing it on the board. You might remind students that we expect them to behave with courtesy and respect at all times.
  4. Attendance should be taken. If a lunch count is required, please send to the office.
  5. Students are not allowed to leave the classroom without a pass.
  6. Students should not use the telephone in the classroom.
  7. If you are confronted with a situation that requires discipline, call the front office immediately.
  8. At the end of the day, please secure the classroom by closing and locking all windows and doors.
  9. In the event of a school emergency, please follow information provided from teacher.

We hope you have an enjoyable experience in substitute teaching within our schools. Please feel free to discuss any questions or concerns that you have regarding any of our schools with the principal or contact Mark Wiesenberg, Executive Director of Human Capital and Culture, at the District Office.


  • For substitutes working in a secondary school assignment: All substitutes are reminded that if you submit for a full day as a substitute, your work hours should reflect a full day. This means that if the teacher’s prep period happens to fall at the beginning or end of the day, you need to report to the front office to find out if you are needed for any other duties. An exception to this would be if you are in a lengthier sub assignment and need the prep period(s) for your own preparation of materials and/or subject matter for class. Please understand that each school has different needs and substitutes can/should assist when needed during available prep time.
  • For substitutes working in an elementary school assignment: All substitutes are reminded that if playground duty is part of the teacher’s assignment or the principal required you to cover a playground duty, it is part of the substitute’s day.

Training Opportunities

Sub-Finder Training Videos

From the MasterTeacher website, top left corner, you will find the following two videos to be helpful in navigating this website to find available jobs.
“Logging in on the Web”
“Navigating and Profile Updates”

Substitute Training Videos:
We encourage substitutes teacher to go to where they can register for STEDI’s free semi-monthly Sub-Suggestions Newsletter.  This newsletter will provide subs with tips and activity ideas, as well as suggestions on how to get hired and be the most preferred substitute teacher in the sub pool.

August 29, 2016 Substitute Training Videos
Part 1
Part 2

Teacher Training Video:
How to Create a Sub Request –

Dual Immersion / Special Education Substitutes

The Dual Immersion and Special Education classrooms seem to be the areas of greatest need. If you’d like additional training in the area of Special Education, provides an advanced special education course designed for substitute teachers to not only learn about special ed assignments but how to work with students with special needs.

If the system calls you for one of these jobs, we understand it if you feel you are not qualified to accept it. However, please be aware, if the system is calling you, it has already exhausted all the subs that have dual immersion or special education in their classifications and has not found a sub. Please feel free to accept the job because a sub in the class is better than no sub at all…thank you for your consideration.


PCSD Substitute Policy #7090 requires substitute teachers to attend one (1) training session in order to be eligible to substitute for the District. Substitutes must attend the next available session after they are hired.

All substitutes should review and become familiar with the PCSD policies. The PCSD policies can be found on our website on our Policies page.

Policies of particular interest to subs are:

1000 – Harassment and Non-discrimination Prohibited
7005 – Employee Ethics
7015 – Alcohol and Drug-Free Workplace
7035 – Scope of Employment and Use of Weapons
7160 – Orderly Termination
9100 – Recognizing Religious Freedoms and Rights of Conscience in School
10080 – Student Search
10100 – Safe Schools
10120 – Reporting Child Abuse or Neglect
11000 – Family Education Rights and Privacy

Type of Sub Assignment

Rates of Pay

  • Licensed Teacher $123.00
  • Non-Licensed $106.00
  • Long-Term Licensed Teacher $140.00
  • Long-Term Non-Licensed $123.00
  • 90+ Days from previous year $6.00
  • 90+ Days x 2 years $12.00
  • Para-Professional $90.00
  • Specialized Classified $101.00
  • Long-Term Paraprofessional $95.00
  • Long-Term specialized Classified $106.00

Less then Full Day Pay/Pro-Rated
If the sub is in the building (working) more than 4 hours and less than 8 hours, their time sheet needs to indicate the length of the assignment for that particular day and the pay will be pro-rated based on the number of hours worked. Time will be noted on the timesheets in 1/2 hour increments.

The individual rate will be set up based on whether the substitute is licensed or non-licensed, has qualified for bonus sub pay, etc. and will automatically determine the correct hourly rate that the sub will be paid. With the new sign in, sign out procedures that are in place for tracking substitutes, tracking the start and finish times on less than full day assignments will need to be included and recorded on the substitute time sheets.

90 Days Extra
Substitutes who work more than 90 days during the school year will be eligible for an additional $6 per day standard pay for the following school year. If a substitute works more than 90 days the next year, the substitute will be eligible for an additional $6 per day, a total of $10 per day above their normal substitute rate, in the following school year. The $10 per day bonus is the maximum and is earned by continuing to work 90 days or more each year.