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Park City School District

Work Place Injuries

In the event of a life or limb threatening injury, call 911.

For non-life threatening injuries, call Company Nurse at 1-888-375-0279.

All employees of the Park City School  District are covered by Workers’ Compensation Insurance through the Utah School Boards Association (USBA).

In order for Workers’ Compensation to pay claims associated with your injury, you must call Company Nurse at 1-888-375-0279 for instructions.The District has contracted with Company Nurse to provide a triage service.  To receive Worker’s Compensation benefits, this step is required.

A registered nurse from the triage service will help you assess the injury and identify the right course of treatment. He or she will refer you to the most appropriate level of care—such as an ER or clinic—or provide simple first aid or self-care guidelines.

Follow the instructions of Company Nurse, including where to seek medical attention.  If you are referred to an urgent care provider, please go to the:

Intermountain Park City InstaCare and WorkMed
1750 Sidewinder Drive
Park City, 84060

Seeing one’s regular physician will not be covered by Worker’s Compensation unless it is recommended by Company Nurse.

To receive Worker’s Compensation benefits, a drug test is required at the time medical attention is received.

The injured employee must also submit a completed Worker’s Compensation claim form to the District Business Office (see below.) To receive Worker’s Compensation benefits, this step is required.

If you supervise someone, please assist the injured with the appropriate steps.