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Kimochis - Tools for Big Feelings!

One of the essential social-emotional core standards for our preschool programs is learning how to identify feelings and what to do when they feel really big.  For three and four-year-olds, these are some tough concepts to learn.  This year the preschool adopted cute, cuddly characters to help their students figure out their emotions and how to manage them.  Being able to express emotions and concern for others helps to maintain positive peer relationships and handle challenging situations with positive, well-developed strategies.  

Behind the characters is the creativity of the preschool teachers who implement the instruction and help students to generalize these emerging skills.   Although teaching important skills, the lessons are designed to be fun, interactive, and inclusive for all learners.   The characters are tools for students to feel comfortable and confident in exploring their own feelings and sharing with others.   Given the smiles and the engagement of the students with the characters, it is easy to see the positive impact of this program. 

A special shout-out to our preschool team for ensuring that social-emotional learning is central to the preschool curriculum and to our special education team for the creative differentiation so all students can participate and benefit.

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