Dual Language Immersion

Utah Dual language Immersion (DLI) is a state supported program in which students spend half the day in English with one teacher and half the day with another teacher in a second language. Park City School District offers programs with Spanish and French as second languages. The mission of Dual Immersion is to prepare linguistically and culturally competent students who can successfully compete in a complex global economy.

In today’s world, where increased conversations about globalization permeate discussions across all industry sectors, dual language immersion education is taking center stage as the most effective and efficient program for preparing linguistically and culturally competent students who can successfully compete in a complex global economy.


The classroom teacher assesses students in the DLI program and proficiency reports are provided to parents with feedback on their child’s progress in the language twice a year. All DLI students participate in all state standardized tests in English. They also participate in a nationally normed language evaluation called the AAPPL test.

Proficiency Targets

Dates Changed/Fechas Cambiadas

Notifications sent by Friday, May 15, 2020
Parent Commitment Form returned by Friday, June 5, 2020

Notificaciones enviadas antes del viernes 15 de mayo de 2020
Formulario de compromiso de los padres devuelto antes del viernes 5 de junio de 2020


Dual Language Immersion Application Form –click here/haga click aqui.
Waitlist Application Form – click here/haga click aqui
Parent Commitment Form – click here/haga click aqui

Confirmation of Receipt
Applications must be received by 4:00 p.m. February 28, 2020. Please submit your application once, either paper form or online. Print out the confirmation form from your computer as your confirmation receipt.

Application Steps

  1. If you missed the parent information meeting, please read the information on the PCSD website under the Dual Language Immersion section from the link Information Night.
  2. Submit an Open Enrollment Form to the district if your child wishes to attend the school from outside of your elementary school boundary by 4:00 p.m. February 28, 2020 (Open Enrollment Form available at any Park City School District building).
  3. Notification will be mailed by April 3, 2020. If you do not receive notification by April 8, please call Cindy Hair at 435-645-5600 ext 1420.
  4. If your child is selected for the Dual Language Immersion Program, return the Parent Commitment Form to the district office by April 24, 2020.
  5. If you choose to fill out a paper copy of this application INSTEAD of an electronic copy, return the application to your neighborhood school no later than 4:00 p.m. on February 28, 2020.

Conditions for Placement in the Dual Immersion Program

  1. This application does not guarantee enrollment in the program. Students will be selected by lottery for the program as indicated on the Park City School District web site.
  2. If the child is selected to attend the dual immersion program, it is the responsibility of the parents to provide transportation for the student to and from the school unless the child lives within the school boundaries and is deemed eligible to ride the bus.
  3. Research indicates an immersion program is most effective when students remain in the program for a sustained period of time. The student will be expected to continue with the program through 5th grade at the same school. Students are expected to continue in the program at the secondary level.
  4. Participation in a dual language immersion program is considered to be a comprehensive educational experience. Beginning in the first grade, paired English and target language teachers collaborate to support student mastery of both the core content standards and target language skills in a full day program. It is our expectation that students who participate in the language immersion experience participate fully in the school academic day.

Confirmación de Recibo
Las solicitudes deben ser recibidas para las 4:00 p.m. el 28 de febrero del año 2020. Por favor enviar este formulario una vez. Usted debe imprimir este formulario de confirmación como su confirmación de recibo.

Pasos para solicitar ingreso en el programa

  1. Si no pudo asistir a la reunión de padres por favor lea la información de la tarde informativa en la página web del Distrito bajo la sección Inmersión Doble de Idiomas.
  2. Si su hijo/a y/o hermanos desean ingresar al programa y provengan fuera de los límites geográficos del Distrito Escolar de Park City presente un Formulario de Inscripción Abierta del distrito antes de las 4:00 p.m. del 28 de febrero del año 2020 (los Formularios de Inscripción Abierta se encuentran disponibles en cualquiera de los establecimientos del Distrito Escolar).
  3. Serán notificados via correo por el 8 de abril del año 2020. Si no recibe la notificación en esa fecha, por favor llame a Cindy Hair al 435-645-5600 ext. 1420.
  4. Si su hijo/a es seleccionado para participar en el Programa de Doble Inmersión, devuelva el Formulario de Compromiso por parte de los Padres a la oficina del distrito el 24 de abril del año 2020.
  5. Si deciden completar una copia en papel de esta solicitud EN LUGAR de una copia electrónica, devuelva la solicitud a la oficina del distrito no más tarde de las 4:00 p.m. del 28 de febrero del año 2020.

Condiciones de colocación en el Programa de Doble Inmersión

  1. Esta solicitud no garantiza la inscripción o ingreso en el programa. Los estudiantes serán seleccionados para el programa por la lotería como se indica en el sitio web del Distrito Escolar de Park City.
  2. Si el niño/a es aceptado para asistir al Programa de Doble Inmersión, es la responsabilidad del padre/s ofrecer el transporte del estudiante de ida y regreso de la escuela a no ser que el niño/a viva dentro de los límites geográficos de la escuela y es elegible para viajar en el autobús.
  3. La investigación indica que el Programa de Doble Inmersión tiene resultados más positivos cuando los estudiantes permanecen en el programa por un período continuo de tiempo. Se esperará que el estudiante continúe asistiendo al programa hasta 5° grado, a la misma escuela. Es una expectativa que los estudiantes continuan en el programa pro las escuelas secundarias.
  4. La participación en un programa de Doble inmersión es considerada una experiencia educativa completa. A partir del primer grado, dos maestros (uno que enseña en inglés y uno que enseña en el segundo idioma) colaborarán para apoyar a los estudiantes con el dominio del contenido académico fundamental y el dominio del segundo idioma en un programa del día completo. Es nuestra expectativa que los estudiantes que participen en el programa de doble inmersión participarán en el entero día escolar académico.

How do I support my child at home?

Below you will find the powerpoint presentation and handouts from the New Parent Orientation that was held on August 27th. The handout lists practical tips for supporting positive language learning behaviors and general language enhancing activities.

The DLI Parent Advisory Council

This council consists of parent representatives active in their school PTA and parents of students in the DLI programs. The parents were nominated by their school principal and by other parents in the DLI program to participate on this council. As an advisory council, they represent the constituents at each site by contributing information, conducting surveys, sharing ideas district wide and raising concerns to the district coordinator. Monthly minutes will be publicized on this site from each meeting and parents are encouraged to contact their parent representative with concerns regarding the program.

Parents who are not representatives are welcome to schedule a time to present at the council meeting by contacting Traci Evans, tevans@pcschools.us.

Parent Representatives

  • Jeremy Ranch: Kerrie McNeely and Julie Nirula
  • Trailside: Missy Hilton and Lesa Hough
  • McPolin: Peter O’Dougherty and Francisco Mendoza
  • Parley’s Park: Tara Stocker and Amy O’Reilly

Meeting Minutes

Parent Resources

Volunteer opportunities

If you would like to volunteer in the DLI program, please contact Kathy Einhorn if you are not a parent. Parents should contact the DLI Parent Advisory Representative from your school for more information and opportunities.

Park City School District accepts applications for the target language dual immersion teacher for the four programs. Applicants must pass an Oral Proficiency test at advanced-mid offered by UFLA, to be eligible for an interview. We are currently accepting application for elementary teachers, French and Spanish. Please see our Employment Opportunities page for more information.

Programs for studying abroad

Language Courses

For questions related to the application and the wait list process contact the administrative assistant, Curriculum Cindy Hair (chair@pcschools.us) or 435-645-5600 ext. 1420.

For information about a specific school program, contact the school’s administrator between August 1 and June 30.

Name Position Email Phone
Traci Evans Director of Curriculum and Instruction tevans@pcschools.us 435-645-5600 ext. 1420
David Gomez Principal, Parley’s Park Elementary dgomez@pcschools.us 435-645-5620
Carolyn Synan Principal, Trailside Elementary csynan@pcschools.us 435-645-5680
Bob Edmiston Principal, McPolin Elementary bedmiston@pcschools.us 435-645-5680
Shawn Kuennen Principal, Jeremy Ranch Elementary skuennen@pcschools.us 435-645-5680