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Park City School District

Online Courses

Online Classes for Grade 7-12

In an effort to provide a quality online educational experience for our students, Park City School District and a few other school districts have combined efforts to form a consortium called Utah Students Connect. The consortium will allow students in our district to enroll in online courses for original credit, credit recovery and grade forgiveness.

After meeting with a school counselor, high school students may register for up to six credits per school year online. Courses are free to the student except for certain instances (like Drivers Education).

Final testing will be near the end of the term and will be online. Final tests will be taken at a proctored location within the boundaries of the Park City School District.

For more information, contact your school counselor contact Stacey Briggs (435-645-5600 ext. 1463).

Course Offerings

Online courses are offered to students through the Utah Students Connect Consortium and other state providers. Courses through Utah Students Connect are on a quarter basis. Courses are being added so, for the most up-to-date listings, be sure and check with you school counselor. A complete list of State Online Education Program providers (SOEP) can be found on the Utah State Board of Education Website.

Testing Information

Each of our courses has a written proctored final. Before the final can be taken, all of the coursework must be completed.
Please review Utah Students Connect procedures for proctored exams in Park City School District. Tests typically take 45 minutes to an hour to complete. Students should plan to begin the test with enough time to finish by the end of the session.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  I want to take online classes because I’ve heard they are easier than regular classes. 
A.  Actually, online classes tend to be more difficult to complete than live classes.  There is more responsibility on the student to perform as the teacher is not in regular proximity to provide live encouragement.

Q.  I took Driver Education and they charged me a fee at school.  Why, I thought the classes were free?
A.  Some classes have a fee involved just like at your school.  Courses that have a fee are listed on the class website.

Q.  I have to take a course quickly so I can graduate with my class.  Can I do that? 
A.  Yes. If the class is taken for the first time or you have not previously failed the class. However, you must follow the regular terms and complete your course in time for your grade to be posted prior to your schools graduation cutoff.

Q. Is Online Learning Right for Me?
A. Online learning is not for every student, but it can be an excellent choice for some. You do need to understand that learning online can be just as difficult and sometimes more difficult than taking a class in a traditional classroom. You can use the information and questions in this document to decide if online learning is right for you.

Statewide Public Education Online

Statewide Public Education Online was established by the Utah Legislature in the 2011 General Session and is offered by the Utah State Office of Education.  The program enables eligible students to earn high school graduation credit through the completion of publicly funded online courses.

The Statewide Online Education Program (SOEP) allows students not regularly enrolled in an online school to earn 9-12th grade graduation credit in a rich instructional environment otherwise almost exclusively available to students choosing to enroll full-time in an online school. All online course providers are public schools accredited for 9-12th grade education, which allows direct acceptance of credit. USBE Public Education OnlineWith 24 credits required for high school graduation, SOEP allows students online access of up to 6 credits, per each school year, while schools typically allow students to engage in up to 8 yearly credits overall. Regardless of the level of online credits that the student chooses to engage in, however, the student maintains regular enrollment at their boundary school, home or private school, or other school of choice, and essential services such as graduation and access to a counselor are uniquely available at this school, as are co-curricular activities such as choir and band, extracurricular activities, and sports participation. A student does not need to physically attend courses at their primary school of enrollment to participate in SOEP courses, nevertheless it is most likely that a student will want to take advantage of the academic and other offerings of their primary school of enrollment regardless of participation in SOEP courses. SOEP providers enroll students only course-wise, and students are not eligible for additional services from the provider, including sports, extra or co-curricular participation, or graduation services. What the student can access is online coursework otherwise available only to students regularly enrolled in these online schools, supplementing coursework that their primary school of enrollment is offers them directly. SOEP participation thus allows a student to experience the best of both worlds by allowing the student to choose the extent to which they wish to participate in each school.

Who is eligible?

Student are eligible to participate in Statewide Public Education Online if are enrolled in a Utah public, private or home school and wish to take 9-12 grade coursework. A student may earn no more credits in a year than the number of credits that the student would earn by taking a full course load during the regular school day at their primary school of enrollment, in a traditional classroom. Online credits replace and do not supplement courses taken at the student’s primary school of enrollment.

What if you want to graduate early?

A student may be eligible to earn more credits in a year than the number of credits he or she may earn by taking a full course load during the regular school day in their local high school, if that student intends to complete high school graduation requirements and exit high school early in accordance with an approved education/occupation plan (SEOP or CCRP).

Where do you get information about the courses I can take through the Statewide Public Education Online Program?

The Utah State Board of Education’s EdOnline website contains links to online courses, contacts and other information.

How do you register?

Enrollment is requested using the SEATS web application provided online by the Utah State Board of Education, at: When a request is filed, the student’s Counselor and the Provider are notified via email, so that they can review the request. Once a request is approved, both the Parent and the Provider are notified by email so that the student can start work. The Provider will contact the student by email to explain how the student can “log in” and begin to participate.
State Online Education Program.