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Park City School District

Bus Procedures

School Bus Stop/Stakeholder Responsibility

We at Transportation appreciate all that every stakeholder does to help us in keeping the students safe, secure, and accounted for as they are transported to school and back home each day, or on field/activity trips.

With weather and time changes experienced in Park City we ask for help in reminding stakeholders of procedures at the bus stop and their part in keeping all students safe, secure, and accounted for. These procedures are in place at any time of the year and need to be observed.


  • ensure compliance with federal and state student transportation laws, regulations, and policies.
  • This includes passenger safety, bus passes, and emergency evacuation drills.
  • To provide supervision of loading and unloading areas at the school.

Transportation Director

  • is in charge of daily transportation functions.
  • The prime concern is safe, efficient, and economical transportation of students between home and school on a regular schedule and other destinations. Includes state reports for transportation funds.

School Bus Drivers/Attendants

  • operate the buses safely under all types of weather, traffic, and road conditions, while transporting students and should be familiar with and abide by all rules, policies, and procedures affecting student transportation.
  • Instruct students on inappropriate behavior, consequences of improper behavior, general procedures, evacuation drills, and safe travel practices.
  • Maintain order and safety and protect the rights of others in the school bus.
  • As school bus approaches the bus stop they will activate the amber warning light system
  • When stopped the red warning light system will be activated which means all traffic stops
  • The parking brake will be set
  • The driver will check traffic and mirrors to make sure all vehicles have stopped.
  • The door will be opened which is the signal for students standing in line to safely enter/leave the school bus.
  • The driver will watch to make sure all students are safe during this process, that they swipe their bus pass and move to their assigned seat. For Preschool and Kindergarten, the driver will let the student off in the care of a parent, older sibling, or designated person. If such persons are not at the bus stop the driver will contact dispatch for assistance to contact the parent. If the dispatch is not available, the driver will keep the student on the bus and time permitting return them to their respective school. If time does not permit the student will be kept on the bus until routes are completed. The driver will bring the student back to the bus garage behind Jeremy Ranch Elementary where the parents can meet the bus as it arrives and receive their student(s). If the parents fail to arrive at the bus garage the County Sheriff Department will be contacted to take custody of the student(s)}.
  • Once this is completed the driver will check bus mirrors, look to make sure all students are on board or 12 feet or more away from the bus in all directions, shut the door, put the bus in gear, release the parking brake, and move the bus.

The Parent/Guardian

For parents with Preschool or Kindergarten age students, or in the case of any student who lives a distance from the bus stop to meet the bus at the bus stop to receive their student(s). They should be there at least 5 minutes before the bus arrives. If they are not at the bus stop refer to the procedure as outlined under Driver Responsibilities.

  • Understand and support federal, state, and district policies, regulations, and principles of school bus safety
  • Assist children in understanding safety rules and encourage them to abide by them.
  • Remind their student to have their bus pass with them every day.
    • The bus pass is for the students’ safety, security, and accounts for the student at the bus stop and at school. In addition, it assists with state reports for district transportation funding.
  • Recognize their responsibilities for the actions of their children and they are responsible and accountable for the conduct and safety of their children prior to arrival and after the departure of the assigned school bus.
  • To support safe riding practices, reasonable discipline efforts, and support all efforts to improve school bus safety.
  • Teach children proper procedures for safety while boarding/leaving the bus
  • If their student fails to be at the bus stop at least 5 minutes before the bus arrives and standing in line and is late to the bus stop it becomes the parent/guardian's responsibility to see the child gets to school.


NOTE: If the bus is more than 10 minutes late, call Transportation at 435-645-5660 for assistance.

  • Proper behavior to avoid bus driver distraction
  • Responsible for their actions and behavior
  • Respect the rights of others
  • Observe the 12’ danger zone around the school bus
  • Be at the bus stop 5 minutes before the bus arrives and stand in line.
  • Do not wait in the car and then get out as the bus arrives.
    • This can be the most dangerous choice since:
    • It is dark; some motorists don’t stop for the bus
    • Objects and people can be difficult to see
    • Headlights of vehicles may blind other drivers
    • Upon entering/leaving the school bus, the student will swipe their bus pass and move to and sit in their assigned seat.
  • They need to have their bus pass with them every day and swipe whenever they enter/leave the school bus.
  • The bus pass is to be kept and used until they enter Treasure Mountain Junior High or move from the district.
  • If they lose it, they will need to purchase a new one.
  • If a student fails to pass with them, a Student Conduct Report may be generated with possible consequences.

Bus Procedures

The safety and security of the students in Park City School District are always of the utmost importance, and in their best interest please observe the following at the bus stop and at school.

Code of Conduct for Riding the School Bus Rules

Riding the school bus is a privilege. These rules are posted on all district school buses, and on the district website. A copy is provided in each student’s registration packet.

At the Bus Stop

Students should be standing at the bus stop, not in the car, and in line at least 5 minutes before the school bus arrives. This is for the safety of all students on the route.

Students, grades K-12 will have an assigned seat to sit in daily. This will help keep the bus a safe place to be. The student is responsible for the seat in which they sit. They need to tell the bus driver if something happens or is happening.

If a student is habitually late, they will be verbally reminded to be on time. If this persists, then a student conduct report may be issued.

Once the student is on board the school bus, they will be transported to the school. Students will not be allowed to leave the bus and return home. For example, if they become ill or have left something for school at home, they may inform their school bus driver. The driver will then contact the transportation dispatcher, who will get the school/home and inform the school/parent of the situation.

There will be times that a school bus is late. This can depend on several factors. If the school bus is more than 10 minutes late, please contact the Transportation Department at 645-5660. Information will be provided on when the bus should arrive.

At the School Loading Zone

Once a student is on board a school bus, he/she will be expected to ride the bus to their stop. If a parent or person approaches the bus driver at the school and asks for a student to leave the bus, for the safety and security of the student, the driver will contact the dispatcher who in turn will contact the school and ask for an administrator to come to the bus.

If the administrator authorizes the release of the student to the parent/person making the request, it will be granted.

If a parent would like his/her student to go with them after school, it is recommended that they call the school ahead of time. This way the school can notify the student ahead of time so they can meet their parent instead of getting on the bus.

PCHS/TMJH students that are eligible bus riders that have activities at school after hours will have after school bus service that will take them to their bus stop. The time for TMJH and PCHS is 4:00 pm. Students cannot get on a bus at PCHS or TMJH at 2:25 pm when school is dismissed and ride to the other school and get off for their activity. They need to find their own way.

For students at all district schools who ride the bus home will need to be on their bus and in their seats prior to departure time for their school. At the departure time, the bus doors will close and the buses will leave. No buses will be stopping after that time to load latecomers. The dangers associated with this are too high. Students running after buses, on and off district property present too many dangers and consequences. Once the doors are closed and the buses are preparing to leave the doors will not be opened again until at the first stop.

If a student misses the bus they will need to return to the school office and make arrangements for a way home.

The buses for PCHS/TMJH students will depart at 2:31 pm Monday-Thursday and 11:37 am on Friday

Notes to Ride Another Bus

A note from a parent to a bus driver or school asking that their child be allowed to ride another bus is not allowed. Students are expected to ride their own bus to their respective bus stop which is closest to their house address.
Parents may contact Transportation at 645- 5660 for serious emergencies and possible authorization.

Written Request for Temporary Change of Bus Service

A parent must turn in a Request for Transportation Change Form to the Transportation Department no later than three (3) days prior to when the parent will be out of town for a change of stop for their student(s). This allows the necessary time to verify if there is available space on the bus change requested for that date. This is only for those students who are currently riding a bus on a daily basis. The form may be obtained from the Transportation Department, or on the District website. Emergencies are handled at the discretion of the Director of Transportation.

Bus Passes

Safety and security are of the utmost importance in transporting students to and from home and school. Bus passes have been the required district protocol for Park City School District students for over a decade. This protocol is required for all students pre k -seventh grade who ride the bus from home to school and back home. This tracking system aims to keep the students safe and know their whereabouts while entrusted to the care of Transportation.

Students may ride the bus for which they have an authorized pass. The pass will be coded to the bus they ride and the school they attend for the current school year. This pass will be assigned from preschool through seventh grade. The student will need to take care of this card once issued for all their education years in the school district. If they have not received a pass, the student needs to tell the driver their name, address, and telephone number. The driver will place this on a list turned into the transportation office at the end of the week.

The dispatchers will verify the information on the list and, if it is correct, per district registration procedures, will prepare a bus pass. The pass will be given to the school bus driver of that route, who will provide access for the respective student. The student may ride while the verification process takes place.

It is the responsibility of the student to have their pass with them every day and scan it each time they get on and off the bus.

The school bus driver may remind the students on a daily basis to swipe their passes as they enter and leave the bus.

If a student arrives at a stop after their pass has been issued to them and they don’t have their pass with them, the driver will not leave the student but will transport them to school. However, the first time the student will be reminded to have their pass. If a student does this again they may be written a referral according to district policy. For the afternoon route from school to home, they may be asked to return to the school office so they can make arrangements with their parent(s)/guardian(s) to pick them up and make arrangements to have their authorized bus pass with them at all times when riding the bus.

The parents may receive a call from Transportation concerning their student, the required bus pass, and the importance of having it with them to ride the school bus.

If a student is not eligible and boards at the bus stop, they will be reminded at that time not to ride again until proper procedures have taken place and they are approved for space available. If a student does this again they will be written a referral according to district policy. If this takes place at the school they will be asked to return to the school office and make other arrangements for transportation.

A student can ride only one bus, have one bus stop, and one residence address at which they are registered at the school. If a student gets on the wrong bus they will be directed to go and board their correct bus. If the student has two official residences, his/her parent may apply annually through the Transportation Department for consideration of a two-household pass for their student. These procedures keep the students safe and in the proper place when riding the school bus.

Lost or damaged bus passes, temporary or permanent, will be replaced, at a cost, by the student. The cost is $5.00 for the first time, $10.00 for the second time, and $15.00 for every time thereafter. The parent(s) will need to come to Transportation to take care of this. The fees are double for two-parent housing (example, divorced situation).

Students need to remember to not fold the card or punch holes in it to avoid damaging the encryption in the card. If the plastic pouch or the lanyard that holds the card wears out or is damaged the student can ask their bus driver for a new one.

If a student becomes ineligible to ride the bus his/her bus pass will be deactivated.

Further information can be found on the District website at under Transportation, or the Park City School District Transportation Department may be contacted at 435-645-5660.

Items on the School Bus

Students are permitted to carry only objects that fit and can be held on one’s lap.

Parents need to transport larger items to school/home. School class projects, large musical instruments, lacrosse sticks, skis, snowboards, roller blades, skateboards, and large athletic equipment/bags are some examples of larger items that would fit in this category.