GPS Bus Passes

Prior to the current GPS bus passes that are now in use bus passes were colored paper per bus and laminated. If a parent called and said their child did not come home we were limited as to what could be done to determine if they got on the bus and where they got off. At times like this much time was spent trying to determine this before a more effective and efficient search by district personnel, parents, and law enforcement could take place. Their safety and security were of grave concern.

With the new system of GPS passes in the district which when swiped logs the time and place that a student gets on and off the bus. They do this when they get on the bus to go to school and again when the get off the bus at school.This takes place again when boarding to go home and at their bus stop.

Now we can know immediately, while the bus is still on route, when they got on or off the bus and if needed know where to start looking. This saves valuable time in the best interest of the student. As we all know no price tag, money or time, can be placed on the life of a child.

Our district in its wisdom and proactive approach set money aside for the safety and security of not only all our district buildings, but also the Transportation building and the school buses (moving classrooms).

When the colored paper passes were used if a student forget their pass the bus would take them to school. When school was dismissed they had to call their parents and make arrangements to return home. This worked very well and students had their passes with them. It eliminated the time parents and school administrators had to take to help a student understand their responsibility in this process.

When the GPS system was put in place a moratorium was put in place to last to the end of the current 2014 school year while everyone became accustomed to the system.

Starting with the new school year for 2015 the moratorium will be lifted for those students who have been issued a GPS bus pass. If they show up at the bus stop without their pass they will be taken to school. For the return trip home, if they do not have their GPS pass, it will be the responsibility of the parent and student to provide an alternative way home. The school bus driver will direct the student to return to the office and all their parent(s).

If the student has lost their pass or damaged it they will need to come to Transportation at 8460 N. Blue Bird Lane. This is next to Jeremy Ranch Elementary. The replacement cost for a new pass ( the original was at no cost) will be $5.00 the first time, $10.00 the second time, and $15.00 the third time and thereafter. This is not the real cost to replace the pass, but provides the opportunity for the student to learn ownership and responsibility.

All students, Preschool through 12th grade need to keep their current passes and have them ready to use when school starts in August. This process saves time and taxpayer money. The passes are in lanyards that may attached to their book bag, computer, etc.

If a student is new to the district or is riding the bus for the first time they may still ride the bus to and from school while their pass is documented and prepared. Once prepared and issued to them then the process will apply.