Full Day Kindergarten

Why full day Kindergarten?

Our goal is to use the same model for our kindergarten to continue the pattern of achievement and learning for our students. We believe that all day kindergarten creates equity for all students in our district. Educational equity creates conditions in which each student can excel, including equity of educational opportunities and culturally responsive practices to promote each student’s academic success and well-being. Resources, policies and practices will be aligned to high expectations and successful outcomes for each student.

The kindergarten will have a 20:1 ratio with a full time, benefitted aide. The scope and sequence for the kindergarten curriculum maps will be finalized in May 2016.

Beginning in 2016, Park City School District will offer free all day kindergarten for all students at each elementary school. Recent research is clear that students in a full day kindergarten perform significantly higher on tests of reading and math achievement at the end of school year in comparison with similar students in half-day kindergarten (Kay and Pennucia, 2014). This is particularly true in high quality kindergartens that challenge students with advanced rigorous content. (Claessens, Engel, and Curran, 2014). Park City School District is using the same model for all day kindergarten as the preschool program with staffing and program structure.