High Quality PreSchool

Why high quality preschool?

In Park City School District, we have a nationally recognized preschool program with data to support students’ long-term increases in learning. The district’s preschool program limits class size to no more than 20 students, with one adult for every 10 children. Teachers either have a bachelor’s degree or a child development certification. The program’s curriculum is based on research-based high quality early childhood standards and requires ongoing professional training of teachers, frequent assessment of students, and significant data collection.

According to Mismic (2014), academic rigor in preschool increases performance through kindergarten. Park City School District has the data to support this type of academic rigor. We have an extremely successful preschool model that shows lasting benefits for our students who have attended.

Please see Promise Park City Data: uw.org/our-work/community-report.html

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