PCSD Graduation Policy

  • Read the full PCSD Policy 9080—Graduation Requirements for greater detail. All promotion and graduation requirements are subject to PCSD Board of Education review and legislative mandates.

    Note: On January 21, 2014, the PCSD Board of Education increased the number of required completed units of credit to 28 (an additional 2.0 Elective credit). The new graduation requirement will apply to students graduating in or after 2019.

    Graduation Requirements:

    Credits are the units by which academic progress is measured. A minimum of 28 credits, distributed among specific subject areas, is required for graduation from Park City High School. Students have the opportunity to earn 8 credits toward graduation each year of grades 9-12. Students earn .25 credit per quarter for each successfully completed class (letter grade of D- or better).

    Utah State Rule 53A-13-109.5 requires ALL students to pass a basic civics exam for graduation. Park City School District students will be tested in their senior year U.S. Government class. Students opting to take and the U.S. Government course online will be required attend a sitting of the exam in spring of their senior year.

    Courses that award credit toward high school graduation (grades 9-12) are indicated in the course catalog by these department codes:

    1.0 = Career & Technical Education (CTE)
    0.5 = Digital Studies (CT)
    8.5 = Elective (EL)
    4.0 = English (E)
    0.5 = Financial Literacy (FIN)
    1.5 = Fine Arts (FA)
    0.0 = World Language (FL) (not required for graduation, but some Universities require 2-3 years for admission)
    0.5 = Health (HL)
    1.5 = Healthy Lifestyles/PE (HL)
    3.0 = Mathematics (M) – includes Secondary Math I, II, and III, or successful completion of Calculus
    3.0 = Science (S) – includes 1 physical science, 1 biological science, and 1 student choice
    4.0 = Social Studies (SS)
    28.0 = Total

    Courses designated as NC (no credit) do not award graduation credit.

    9th Graders: Your grades count toward high school graduation! Students who receive F’s (0 credit) in any of their 9th grade core classes (English, Math, Science, Social Studies, Comp Tech, and PE) must make up those failed quarter grades in order to graduate. Students must meet with their school counselor for remediation options.

    8th Graders: Courses taken during the student’s 8th grade year do not earn high school graduation credit and do not appear on the Park City High School transcript. A student’s 8th grade year officially ends on the day after the last day of school.