School Nurse

  • Allison Landis BSN, RN

    School Nurse, Ecker Hill Middle School

    (435) 645-5610 ext. 1760 Fax (435) 645-5619

    Working Hours 8:30 am - 4:00 pm

    I appreciate the opportunity to be a school nurse for the Park City School District. As your School Nurse, my top priority is the health and safety of students and staff.  If your student has a health concern, please notify me to see if a school health plan is appropriate. See the links below for access to health plans and other helpful information. 

    PCSD Health Resource Page



    PCSD Immunization Resource Page

    Immunization Requirements 2022-2023(English)

    Immunization Requirements 2022-2023 (Spanish)

    Utah School Immunization Rule #396-100-3

    In order to attend 6th/7th grade, a student must have proof of receiving the following immunizations.


    • 3 Hepatitis B

    • 2 Hepatitis A

    • 5 DTP (4 if the 4th given after 4th Birthday)

    • 4 Polio (3 if 3rd given after 4th birthday)

    • 2 MMR- the 1st must be given after the 1st Birthday

    • 1 Varicella (or proof of having Chicken Pox Disease-parents sign pink card)


    • 3 Hepatitis B


    • 5 DTP (4 if 4th given after 4th Birthday)

    • 4 Polio (3 if 3rd given after 4th Birthday)

    • 2 MMR

    • 2 Varicella (Chicken Pox) or history of having disease-parents sign pink card verification

    • 1 TDaP Booster

    • 1 Meningococcal

      *The TDap immunization is required regardless of interval since the last tetanus/diphtheria containing vaccine. Please check with your health care provider concerning your child’s immunization record to see when he/she needs these immunizations. 

    In the state of Utah, a student may request exemption from immunizations for medical or personal beliefs. The exemption process must be completed in order for the student to be enrolled in school. Please complete the following Utah State Exemption Module and submit the certificate of completion to the front office or email

    Utah School Immunization Exemption Module

    *Please note Immunization Exemptions must be renewed for all 7th graders. 

    Exemption Renewal Rule for 7th graders

    *Please note: In the event of an outbreak, those students who have claimed an exemption or are on conditional enrollment and have not received the immunization for which there is an outbreak must be excluded from school until the outbreak is resolved.



    Students in grades preK thru 7th are not permitted to carry over the counter or prescription medication on their person.  Students in grades 8-12th may carry a 1 day supply of non-prescription medication for personal use only, which must be in the original container.  All prescription and OTC medications administered at school must have a district Medication Permission Form signed by a parent and the prescribing provider.

    Medication Permission Form (English)

    Medication Permission Form (Spanish)



    Health Care Plans are an essential part of your child’s student records should they have any health concerns. Please contact me to discuss any concerns or needs and we can set up a time to meet or you are welcome to email me with a brief health history. It is the parent or guardian’s responsibility to discuss medical concerns with all of their student’s teachers and specialists. 

    Health Care Plans


    Students with food allergies, requesting an Epi pen or other medications at school must also file an Allergy Action Plan. This form must be signed by a health care provider and parent annually.

    Allergy & Anaphylaxis Healthcare Plan


    Students must file an Epinephrine Authorization Form to carry or store an Epi-Pen at school. This must be signed by a health care provider annually.

    Epinephrine Authorization Form


    An Asthma Self Authorization form must be submitted to the school annually if your student is to carry or store and self-administer his/her inhaler. This form must be signed by the parent and health care provider annually.

    Asthma Action Plan

    Asthma Medication Authorization Form



    Vision screenings will be done for all 7th grade students in the Fall in accordance with Utah State law.  Information regarding dates will be communicated 2 weeks prior.  If a parent/guardian wishes, a student may be opted out.

    6th grade students are only vision screened per teacher request. If a student does not pass the vision screening, a letter is sent by the nurse to parents recommending follow up with an eye doctor. Throughout the school year, a teacher may request the nurse to do a vision screen on a student if they have concerns. If the student does not pass this screening, a letter will be sent to parents recommending follow up with an eye doctor.

    Vision Screening Parent Opt-Out form (English)

    Vison Screening Parent Opt Out Form (Spanish)