• Lockers

    Each student will be assigned a locker. All locker changes must be approved by the front office.

    Lockers should be kept locked and only the student to whom the locker is assigned should have the combination.

    TMJH strongly discourages students from bringing items of value to school. Expensive clothing, jewelry, or cash should not be stored in lockers. Students should report any item stolen from a locker to the assistant principal’s office.TMJH is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

    It is the responsibility of the student to see that the locker is kept neat and clean. Students should not attach anything to the locker that cannot be removed easily and without damage to the locker (gum, bumper stickers, etc.).

    Locker Expectations:

    • Keep your locker closed and locked when not in use.
    • Keep your lock combination confidential.
    • Locker should remain free of writing and stickers.
    • Entering another student’s locker without permission is considered trespassing.
    • Backpacks must be kept in hall lockers during the school day.
    • The school provides hall lockers and physical education lockers.
    • The administration or a designee may search all lockers or backpacks with reasonable cause at any time.