• Parent Release

    Parent Release is an exception to the state’s mandatory attendance statute, which allows students to be released for part of the school day for regularly-occurring off-campus activities, with the permission of their parent or legal guardian.

    Important stipulations about Parent Release:

    • Parent Release relieves the school of responsibility for the student during the time they are released from school. Parents are legally responsible for students and their transportation needs during the parent release time.
    • During release time, the student may NOT be on any school campus. Students must sign out at the attendance office and leave the grounds within five minutes of their last class.
    • On the rare occasion that the student wishes to use a school facility during their release time, they must have prior approval from an administrator or the attendance office. This should not be a regular occurrence.
    • Students agree that if they are on a school campus during their Parent Release time, they will be asked to leave on the first occurrence. Repeated violation of this may result in trespassing citations, safe schools violations, and/or additional consequences as determined by the administration.
    • If release time is requested in place of a core academic class (language arts, math, science, social studies, PE, health, computer literacy), the parent is responsible for the instruction the student will receive in that subject.
    • Credit cannot be earned for Parent Release.
    • If a parent wishes to rescind Parent Release during the school year, the student’s class schedule is subject to course availability. Seats in core and elective classes are not held for students who wish to cancel their release time.

    Procedure to request Parent Release:

    The student and parent/legal guardian must call or schedule a meeting with their Guidance Counselor to discuss the Parent Release exception. If the decision is made to proceed with Parent Release, then the student may be subject to the schedule change process to accommodate the Parent Release. The student’s class schedule will be subject to course availability; class capacities will not be overfilled.