• Technology and Internet

    Board Policy 9110: Acceptable Use Policy for Internet Access and Computer Use   EN ESPANOL
    Park City School District Electronic Device User Agreement for Students  EN ESPANOL


    Administrative Regulations

    The purpose of this section is to define the consequences associated with the violation of the “Acceptable Use Policy” on district computers.

    The Park City School District is advancing the one-to-one computer hardware initiative for all secondary students and providing computer access to all elementary students. As the district moves forward it is necessary to direction and guidance in regulating the appropriate use of student computers. The following administrative regulations are written to support school district staff in dealing with issues arising out of the one-to-one initiative and computer access in general.

    Students and staff are required to sign the district’s “Acceptable Use” form prior receiving access to district hardware, software, and the internet.

    While the list below is not intended to be inclusive of every offense, the following are prohibited by the Park City School District on Park City School District property (computers) either on school district property or off-site:

    Prohibited Activities/Searches/Access/Downloading: pornography, sex sites, gaming sites, chat rooms, unauthorized social networking sites, video sites, graphic violence sites, gambling, anime, adult content, inappropriate self-made videos, cyber bullying, hate sites, hacking sites, weapons site, bomb making sites, R or X rated videos. Appropriate consequences will be determined by an administrator or teacher based on the violation.

    Filter Disclaimer: While every reasonable effort is made by the Park City School District to restrict student access to inappropriate web sites, it is impossible to ensure that students cannot access sites where inappropriate material may be seen.