We are excited to be introducing a theme for the school year. Coordinating with our mascot and our belief in a growth mindset, this year’s theme is “Falcons Fly.” With our strong partnership between school, home, and partnership, we know that every student at Parley’s Park will be able to soar this school year to reach their fullest potential. In addition to this theme, each month we will also unveil a Falcon Character Trait that describes how our students should fly in order to reach their goals. This month our focus is “Falcons Fly Respectfully.”

    Throughout the coming months, students will have an opportunity to be celebrated for flying respectfully amongst their peers. We look forward to every chance we can get to honor our students and their success. Please be on the lookout for more information regarding our theme and our focus on personal excellence in newsletters, on our website, and at our events. There is a link below that speaks more about our positive behavior reinforcement initiative.