• PCHS Course Catalog

    Students can download the Course Catalog PDF to their school laptop.  DO NOT print the catalog at school.  If you would like a printed paper copy, please see the Registrar in the Counseling Center.

    Course Catalog:
    PCHS Course Catalog 2023-24 --Coming soon!

    Class Registration Forms/Worksheets for 2023-24: --Coming soon!
    Senior Form (class of 2024)
    Junior Form (class of 2025)
    Sophomore Form (class of 2026)

    See the Course Catalog for Language Arts, Science, Social Studies, and PE-Healthy Lifestyles.
    PCHS Math Pathways Chart (for more info, see the USBE Utah Core Math Standards website)
    CTE Career Clusters & Pathways

    About Our Course Offerings:

    Course Descriptions:  Course descriptions are provided to help students and parents understand the content of our course offerings. Please read the descriptions fully and carefully. If further explanation is desired, contact the teacher currently teaching the course. Teacher email addresses are available on the Faculty Directory page of our website, and teacher room numbers are available from the office.

    Course Locations:  Most of Park City High School classes are located on campus, but due to teacher or facility requirements, some courses may be located at Treasure Mountain Junior High or the Park City Learning Center. Students will be required to walk to those other campuses. Course locations are subject to change.

    ALL COURSE OFFERINGS ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE based on course enrollment numbers, securing qualified teachers, or availability of a teaching facility and/or required equipment. School Board, Legislative, and Utah State Office of Education rules and budgets may also force changes to our offerings.

    Archived Catalogs:

    PCHS Course Catalog 2022-2023 (Reg Forms: Senior, Junior, Sophomore)
    PCHS Course Catalog 2021-2022
    PCHS Course Catalog 2020-2021
    For earlier years, please contact the Registrar.