Early Learning

Park City School District Preschool

Educational opportunities start early at PCSD. Both the 3-year-old program and 4-year-old program offer a comprehensive learning experience and supportive environment with classes housed at district elementary school facilities for added security and safety. Teaching, done by a lead teacher, assistant teacher and support staff in each class, is targeted to all areas of each child’s development. The staff/child ratio is intentionally kept low (maximum of 1:7 for 3-yr-olds and 1:9 for 4-yr-olds) to ensure each child receives what they need in order to succeed. At each preschool, teachers and parents work together to help children grow and progress, monthly utilizing data-based professional development for continuous skill growth.

Early Learning at PCSD has brought many benefits to the community. Student achievement levels are at or above state academic levels, enabling students to leave prepared for kindergarten and beyond. Additionally, participation in PCSD preschool increases high school graduation rates, years of college completed and lifetime earned income. This is all thanks to PCSD’s partnership with the Park City Education Foundation (PCEF). Each year, $100,000 in funding is able to provide high-quality preschool education for 3- and 4-year-olds.

The 3-year-old students attend either Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday for three hours in the mornings. The 4-year-old students have the option of attending either Monday through Thursday for three hours in the afternoons or Monday through Thursday for full days. Program space is limited and is filled by a lottery application process.  Students must live in the Park City School District Boundary to enroll. For more information on pricing and registration, see our webpage.

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