Master Planning Moves Forward

Over the past few years, a team of industry leaders have been collecting feedback from the community to create a comprehensive plan for the future of learning in Park City. This team has spent hours planning, listening, surveying, updating and sharing. Their Master Planning Proposal was presented to the Board of Education in May of 2020. The presentation highlighted the various projects and needs the district will address in the upcoming years.

Though the current pandemic has certainly disrupted the timeline of these projects, PCSD still has intentions to move forward. Future building projects will focus on these key academic objectives. 

  • Support District’s 6 Guiding Principles for Education
  • Full high school experience at PCHS (grades 9-12) 
  • Full middle school experience at Ecker Hill (grades 6-8)
  • Enhanced CTE experiences across the District 
  • Provide early learning opportunities 
  • Offer wrap-around services to support community  

The 6 Guiding Principles for Education at PCSD are: remaining learner centered, maintaining positive and healthy schools, developing relationships, practicing real-world learning, creating flexible and adaptable spaces, and a commitment to inclusivity.

Based on these academic objectives, PCSD’s long range plan intends to focus on following projects as funding allows over the next ten to fifteen years. These projects will be sequenced to minimize the impact on educational activities and spread financial commitments across multiple years.

  • Improve or replace PCHS to accommodate comprehensive high school experience 
  • Expand Ecker Hill to accommodate three grades 
  • Provide Pre-K services at all elementary schools
  • Add community wrap-around services at two elementary schools
  • Improve energy efficiency (target PC 2030 goal) 
  • Rework Kearns Campus to improve safety and circulation
  • Accommodate capacity for future growth
  • Expand District offices to increase administrative support capacity
  • Rework site circulation at Ecker Hill to mitigate congestion
  • Construct new maintenance warehouse 

Each school has its own needs which align with the District’s educational goals. To see these needs and various costs more specifically, see the PCSD Master Planning Proposal which also highlights PCSD’s top four priories: a Full High School Experience, a Full Middle School Experience, to Strengthen Community Services and Increase Sustainability. 

For additional information on the process and getting involved, please visit our Future of Learning website.

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