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Park City School District
Park City School District Celebrates Veterans Day with Special School Concerts

Park City, UT – In a heartwarming tribute to veterans, Park City School District's elementary schools - Parley’s Park, Trailside, McPolin, and Jeremy Ranch - hosted special Veterans Day concerts. These events, filled with music and gratitude, welcomed family members who are veterans, honoring their service and sacrifices.

Each school created a unique program for the celebration. From patriotic songs to heartfelt speeches, students at Parley’s Park, Trailside, McPolin, and Jeremy Ranch Elementary schools showcased their talents and respect for the veterans in their community. The events saw a remarkable turnout, with veterans from different branches of the military attending and sharing their stories.

Park City Mayor, Nann Worel, who attended the celebrations, reflected on the significance of the day. "Veterans Day is a remembrance. It's a day of honoring people who have served our country and have risked their lives to serve our country," said Mayor Worel. She emphasized the importance of acknowledging the sacrifices made by veterans and added, "The best way to greet a veteran is to say thank you for your service."

The concerts were more than just musical performances; they were a powerful reminder of the community's respect and appreciation for those who have served. Parents, teachers, and students came together to create an atmosphere of gratitude and recognition.

The Park City School District's initiative to celebrate Veterans Day through these concerts has received widespread appreciation from the community. It's a tradition that not only honors veterans but also educates the younger generation about the importance of service and sacrifice.

As Veterans Day came to a close, the echoes of gratitude and respect from the school halls served as a reminder of the deep appreciation Park City holds for its veterans.