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Park City School District
Park City School District's Aerospace/STEM Teacher of the Year Honored

PARK CITY, UT – In a recent classroom surprise, Dr. Scott Nowlin from the Air and Space Forces Association honored Park City High School’s Mr. Trip Marshall with the prestigious Chapter Aerospace/STEM Teacher of the Year Award. Selected as one of only two recipients in Utah, Mr. Marshall's exceptional contributions to STEM education were celebrated.

Dr. Nolan lauded Mr. Marshall's unique qualifications and experiences, stating to Park City High School Students, “I hope you appreciate the fact that you have a very incredibly qualified and experienced person in front of the classroom. That's not always true. But in this case, you've got it right here in terms of all his background, with aviation, and with Engineering and Applied Physics.” 

This award program aims to recognize outstanding K-12 teachers who inspire students in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM), equipping them to contribute to future technologies. Teachers like Mr. Marshall make learning an adventure by integrating aerospace-related STEM topics into their curriculum. 

Mr. Marshall's passion for aviation began in North Carolina in the late 1970s, influenced by his father, a crop duster and airport mechanic. This early exposure to the magic and science of flight has deeply impacted his educational and professional trajectory. He has shared this passion with his father in recent years, introducing him to drone technology.

Combining his love for aviation and teaching, Mr. Marshall has been a flight instructor for 17 years and a public school educator in the Park City School District for seven. His courses have spanned various STEM fields, including Digital Design, Creative Coding, and Drone Aviation. 

In addition to teaching, Mr. Marshall has contributed his expertise to professional boards such as the Utah School Board Association and the Aeronautics Advisory Board. 

His Drone Aviation course is a part of the new Aviation Pathway in PCSD's Career & Technical Education (CTE) program, which is supported by a PCEF Classroom Grant. 

Upon receiving the award, an overwhelmed Mr. Marshall expressed his gratitude, saying, “I am very surprised; you don't catch me without words very much, but I do appreciate this.” 

Park City School District celebrates Mr. Marshall's achievements and his ongoing commitment to bringing real-world expertise and enthusiasm to the classroom.