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The Park City School District Wellness Plan: A Comprehensive Approach to Student Well-Being

We are excited to announce the Park City School District Wellness Plan, completed in May, 2023 after a year and a half-long committee effort of the Reach the Summit Transformational Academy (RSTA) led by Dr. Carolyn Synan, PCSD’s Chief Student Services Officer. 

Composed of teachers and staff, the RSTA developed the Park City Wellness Plan to provide a comprehensive outline of essential skills for student success in school and beyond. The PCSD Wellness Plan serves as a blueprint throughout the school year with highlighted outcomes and monthly themes.

The Plan is aligned with the State of Utah’s competencies model and Portrait of a Graduate.  It also plays a vital role in the development of Personalized Competency-Based Learning (PCBL) thereby, supporting PCSD’s mission and vision of supporting students to achieve both their academic and social potential

Heidi Gwinn, Parley’s Park Elementary Counselor and member of the RSTA, described the three domains of the PCSD Wellness Plan to include, “ Personal wellbeing - so how we think and feel about ourselves, Social wellbeing - how we interact with others, and then the Cognitive wellbeing - how we are learner in school and in life.” 

Monthly themes will be woven into classroom tasks and advisory periods, varying by age and school. Roles for educators, parents, families, and caregivers are outlined in the plan, underscoring the critical partnership needed across all settings.  A handout containing information on the theme will be shared in the district newsletter in both English and Spanish for families to have conversations about this month’s theme.  September’s theme is Emotional Awareness.

English Handout | Spanish Handout

Angie Erickson, Park City High School’s Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (MTSS) Coordinator, also served on the RSTA which she praised as “synthesizing a comprehensive Wellness Plan, “ utilizing many resources and through different iterations of committee make up.  

“Wellness is in all areas of our lives,” said Erickson, “I am really excited that we put this together - that we have this plan…and to see what the teachers, parents and the community do with this!”