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Truth in Taxation

On August 15 at 6 pm, the Park City School District will hold a Truth in Taxation Hearing in conjunction with the regularly scheduled Board of Education meeting.   

The Truth and Taxation hearing is to discuss PCSD tax increases necessary to address essential community values and ensure the district continues to provide high-quality education and support for all students.

The key areas of focus for the  increase include:

  • Enhancing Employee Compensation: To continue attracting and retaining the best educational team for our children, offering competitive wages not only elevates the educational experience for students, but strengthens the entire community.

  • Boosting Essential Capital Funds: With recent state funding reductions, it's vital we address and replenish funds essential for our school facilities' upkeep and improvement.

For detailed information, please see the PCSD 2023-24 Budget.  

Understanding the impact, homeowners are seeing a property tax increase of $220 per year for primary homes valued at $1 million.  It is important to note that the Board of Education has the responsibility to set local tax rates for the school district only.  The Board of Education’s responsibilities do not include adjustments to property values.

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we navigate these decisions for our schools, students and community.  The public is invited to share feedback to the Park City Board of Education at the Truth and Taxation hearing at 6 pm on August 15 at the district office (2700 Kearns Blvd) or via email at