School Safety

Tresit Group District Safety Analysis, February 2017

School Safety Tips from Park City Police here.

The Park City School District is committed to creating safe, secure, and caring learning environments. This emphasis has resulted in a revision of the district’s Emergency Prevention, Intervention and Response Plan that includes a purposeful connection between physical safety/security and the “psychological safety” of students.

Physical safety includes measures such as visitor check-in and identification badges, video surveillance, preparedness planning, and practice drills to prepare for a variety of potential incidents. District and school crisis plans are aligned with the recommendations of state Homeland Security, local emergency responders, and public safety officials and use the general response practices outlined in the National Incident Management System (NIMS). Park City School District uses the “I love you guys” standard response protocol for students and staff. All of the protocols and training can be found at

Psychological safety provides for the social-emotional well being of students and works to create positive school climates through measures such as asset development, bullying prevention, Positive Behavior Supports, and early identification and intervention for at-risk students.
The district’s Safety Response Team, composed of staff from various district departments and schools, continually updates the district’s planning and resources to reflect current needs and world events. Over the past several years, the district’s safety efforts have been responsive to school related shootings, and other tragic events throughout the country. Training and practice drills for staff and students are held throughout the school year contribute to our preparedness for potential crisis events.

Each school has a functioning school safety team that monitors the building plan for both psychological and physical safety, and a crisis response & recovery team that oversees and implements the school’s crisis response plan when needed. Major components of the district’s Emergency Response Plan and school safety plans have been revised to address the needed changes based on current information and research as recommended by the US Department of Education (2004) and other federal, state and local agencies.

If you notice anyone exhibiting any one or more of the following, get help IMMEDIATELY by calling:

911 – Emergency
Text Telephone:
Suicide Hotline
in Spanish:
(Press 2)
Military Veterans
Suicide Hotline:
(Press 1)
LGBT Youth
Suicide Hotline: