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Future of Learning logoDuring the 2018-19 school year, the school district and community worked cooperatively to create master planning documents which which identify a path forward for implementing educational priorities and addressing needed investments in Park City School District’s facilities. The District’s students, parents, educators and community members were highly engaged and focused on achieving the best results for every student attending Park City schools.

The Future of Learning master planning document contains three elements: Education facilities master plan, Education Specifications, and Analysis of Existing School District Facilities.

Education Facilities Master Plan

The Education Facilities Master Plan identifies a path forward for implementing educational priorities and addressing needed investments in Park City schools. This vision and goals-based process focused on what the community wants in terms of educational approach and the evaluation of existing facilities and their ability to achieve community goals.
Education Specifications
The Guiding Principles were created through the community vision for the future of education. These principles were used to inform the Educational Specifications and guide master plan recommendations. Each option for grade alignment, and for future use of existing buildings, for school size and location was evaluated against the Guiding Principles to ensure consistency with community vision.
Analysis of Existing Facilities
A facilities of condition assessment was conducted on all district facilities. Project funding estimates were also provided.
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Park City School District the 2018-19 school year conducting an “education master planning process” called The Future of Learning. The goal of this process was to create a community vision for the future of education in the district. This plan will guide the development of our educational programs, investments in our facilities, and better define what student success looks like now and in the future.

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Master Planning Consultant Retained

The Board of Education met Dec. 5, 2017, with Nick Salmon, founder and president of Collaborative Learning Network, who has been retained as a consultant to assist the board in developing a plan for its master planning process. He is identifying the data needed for the planning process including enrollment, school sites, facilities, and funding; creating a timeline; assessing the feasibility of completing a master plan for bond election scenarios; identifying key participants in the planning effort; and identifying community engagement tools.

Salmon has toured all PCSD schools and properties to review current space uses and to meet with school leaders to establish key issues at each site. He also met with the Facility Committee to review the planning process and to identify community partners for the planning process and school success. He presented his findings to the board Dec. 19, 2017.

Collaborative Learning Network Report

Collaborative Learning Network Timeline Options

2018 Demographics Study

PCSD School Board votes to go to bond in November

In a unanimous vote at their Tuesday, August 18th board meeting, the governing board of the Park City School District adopted a resolution for a special bond election to be held on November 3, 2015. The proposition states that the issuance is “not to exceed $56-million dollars to finance the acquisition of land, acquire, construct, furnish and equip new school facilities and improve existing facilities and related improvements; and related matters.”

At total cost $66,306,336, which includes the following in this ranking order with the first project ranking the highest:

  • PCHS Expansion including gymnasium remodel – $27,500,000
  • New 5/6 School at EHMS Campus – $24,800,000
  • McPolin Student Safety Improvements – $1,400,000
  • Treasure Mountain Junior High Demolition – $606,336
  • Athletic Facilities Improvements – $12,000,000

The financial bond strategy also includes using $10,306,336 of the capital reserve.

In addition, the board agreed to add specific language in the Bond Resolution that includes a commitment toward community partnerships to explore transportation solutions for student safety.

“The board’s vote tonight is a groundbreaking step in meeting the demands for our student learning needs and accommodating our growing school district,” says PCSD Superintendent Dr. Ember Conley. “This action is further proof that board is committed to doing what is best for our students, and to providing excellent and innovative education to all grades,” she adds.

In 1999, voters accepted a $30,000,000 bond that constructed Ecker Hill Middle School and Jeremy Ranch Elementary. Currently, the district is financially healthy and has successfully repaid all debt.

Two public hearings have been scheduled, focused on the bond process and educating the public:

  • September 22, 6 pm: School District Administrative Offices. Focus of Public Hearing: explaining cost impact and details of bond.
  • October 20, 6 pm: School District Administrative Offices

Next steps include forming committees to begin specific designs and programming for each of the projects. These committees include the following:

  • McPolin Design Team
  • Elementary Committee – boundaries
  • 5-8 School Campus Design Team
  • PCHS Expansion Design Team
  • Athletics Design Team
  • Start Times Committee

Updated timeline for governing board decisions

In an effort to allow the PCSD Governing Board time to fully understand all aspects of the details of the master plan, the final presentation to board will be provided on August 5th at the already scheduled retreat. In addition, the legal deadline to submit the bond resolution is August 20th; and we are providing all necessary information in order for the PCSD Governing Board to make an informed decision on August 18th. The agendas for the PCSD Governing Board Meetings will be posted on the following site:

  • July 29, 4:00 – 6:00 PM, PCSD District Office, Conference Room A/B
    • Master Planning Steering Committee meeting
  • August 5, 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM, Ecker Hill Middle School, Media Center
    • PCSD Governing Board Retreat with final presentation from Master Planner, Master Planning Steering Committee, Financial Planner, and Superintendent
  • August 11, 4:00 PM, PCSD District Office, Conference Room A/B
    • PCSD Governing Board will meet to discuss recommendations for final decision on August 18th
  • August 18, 4:00 – 6:00 PM, PCSD District Office, Conference Room A/B
    • School Board to vote on bond for November Bond Election

Master Planning Overview and Update

The 2015 Draft District Master Plan lays out expansion plans for Park City’s schools that support our mission of innovation and excellence in public education and a vision to become one of the top 10 school districts in the nation. It takes into consideration the recent growth of the district, projected enrollments, and capacities at each school site.

As a proactive measure, the governing board has been planning for the future and has a capital budget of approximately $19 Million. First, the total capital improvements are driven by capacity. (See capacity percentages below – capacity is a state statute formula) PCSD has reached capacity in five of the seven district schools. PCSD has experienced a 4% annual growth rate over the last three years and forecasting 2.5% over the next five years. Starting in 2015, Trailside Elementary will add trailers at the site to hold current students and Parley’s Park has undergone a summer remodel to assist with exceeding capacity issues. In addition, we continue to receive financial information to repair the structure, sewer, pipes, and soil for Treasure Mountain. To date, the estimated amount to repair Treasure Mountain ranges from $20-$22 million with an estimated cost to build a new school is $25-27 Million.

Capacity Percentages – 90% and above is determined to be at capacity
PCHS – 102.2%
TMJH – 90.4%
EHMS – 84.7
PPES: 97.8
JRES: 87.6%
TSES: 100.6%
MPES: 91.8%

In addition, the plan specifics are driven by our grade realignment, which supports research-based decisions to increase student academic success by minimizing school transitions and providing adequate learning environments to meet programming needs.

Additional athletic-related facilities are also under consideration in the plan, including modifications to expand locker facilities, adding tennis courts, and expanding the current gymnasium, which does not meet the growth of the high school population. The locker rooms are not adequate to meet the current enrollment in sporting events. The gymnasium is outdated with a floor that needs significant repairs.

In an effort to share the current state of the district and building needs, we have held at least 30 public meetings since September with over 400 community participants, not including the individual staff meetings reaching over 500 employees for a total of over 900 participants.

As the process continues, the board has careful consideration to total cost and tax impact. Fiscal responsibility is a key responsibility that the PCSD Governing Board takes seriously.



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Master Planning Schedule

  • July 29, 4:00 – 6:00 PM, PCSD District Office, Conference Room A/B
    • Master Planning Steering Committee meeting
  • August 5, 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM, Ecker Hill Middle School, Media Center
    • PCSD Governing Board Retreat with final presentation from Master Planner, Master Planning Steering Committee, Financial Planner, and Superintendent
  • August 11, 4:00 PM, PCSD District Office, Conference Room A/B
    • PCSD Governing Board will meet to discuss recommendations for final decision on August 18th
  • August 18, 4:00 – 6:00 PM, PCSD District Office, Conference Room A/B
    • School Board to vote on bond for November Bond Election

Meeting Handouts

What was accomplished at the third community workshop?

During the 3rd workshop, attendees were broken up into groups to discuss, evaluate and critique four master plan schemes for the Kearns campus, that were developed as a result of the previous workshop. The groups were asked to provide comments on each of the schemes and to pick their top choice and second choice. Scheme 3 (see above) was selected as the first choice by overwhelming majority.

Now that the Grade Re-Alignment has been approved by the school board, how and when does it get implemented?

Starting in the fall of 2016, PCSD will implement the following grade alignment:

  • Pre-K (including all day Kindergarden) thru 4th grades in Elementary Schools
  • 5/6th grades at new school on Ecker Hill Campus (to be complete fall 2017)
  • 7/8th grades at Ecker Hill Middle School
  • 9-12th grades at Park City High School (expansion to be complete fall 2017)

The master planning steering committee is currently working through how this transition will occur once the alignment is implemented in fall 2016 until phase 1 construction is complete in fall 2017. Detailed information will be provided in the coming months.

What are the next steps in the Master Planning process?

The next step is to develop preliminary cost estimates for these improvements to get a sense for the budget required for this work. The master planning team will also continue to engage the community (including neighbors, teachers, parents, and students) for additional input on the proposed plan. As additional input/comments are being gathered and evaluated, the team will continue to refine the plan as well as continue to coordinate with key stakeholders (PCMC, Summit County, UDOT, Basin Recreation) on studying potential traffic impacts and community partnerships. The final plan and cost estimate will then be presented to the school board for a vote to move forward with a bond in the fall.

What is the timeline for the Master Plan?

  • June 29th – Conceptual Master Plan community presentation at District Office – 3:30pm
  • July 6th – Conceptual Master Plan community presentation at EHMS – 5:30pm
  • July 21st – Conceptual Master Plan community presentation at PCHS – 6pm
  • August 11th – Final Master Plan and detailed cost estimate to school board
  • August 18th – School Board to vote on bond for November Bond Election
  • Nov 2015 – Bond Election
  • Summer 2016 – Construction started
  • Fall 2017 – Construction completed

If people have comments will those be taken into consideration – and who should they contact?

Any comments are welcomed and encouraged. The Steering Committee discusses and evaluates all comments at our weekly meetings. Please send email to

We also encourage people to attend the draft master plan presentation community discussion on June 17th as well as the final master plan presentation on July 22nd (time and locations will be announced).

What has been decided so far regarding changes to the school district?

The master planning steering committee was established to provide recommendations to the school board on any future changes to district facilities. The school board has the ultimate authority to approve or deny these recommendations. Other than approving the grade re-alignment in May, the school board has not yet approved any plans or changes related to the master planning effort.

EPA Information

Final Recommendation

Final Master Plan

Master Plan Appendix