Strategic Plan

The Board of Education engaged the community the Fall of 2017 in an effort to refresh the district’s Strategic Plan. The Board used feedback, surveys, and data the district has received from the past two years. On Nov. 21, 2017, the Board approved updates to the district’s Strategic Plan. Click on the “Final” tab to review the approved document.

The district’s Strategic Plan, Learning Plan, and Education Master Plan are all community driven. The Learning Plan has been updated as well, and the district is moving forward on revising its education master plan during the 2018-19 school year.


Board Approves Strategic Plan Updates – 2018-2022

The Board of Education approved updates Nov. 21, 2017, to the district’s Strategic Plan’s mission, vision, values and goals for 2018-2022.  The plan includes the following:

OUR MISSION: The mission of Park City School District is to inspire and support all students equitably to achieve their academic and social potential.

OUR VISION: Park City School District is student-centered with a focus and emphasis on the whole child — our students are safe, supported, engaged, challenged, and healthy.


Academic Success: We are committed to engaging all students to reach their full potential no matter where they are in their academic journeys.

Leadership: We are committed to continuous development, accountability, and transparency.

Excellent Personnel:  We are committed to hiring the best and the brightest staff in a transparent and fair manner.

Communication: We are committed to communicating with all stakeholders in an open, timely, and consistent manner.

Community Alliances: We are committed to a culture of collaboration with our community partners.


Strategic Goal 1 (Academic Success): Develop the potential of every student through data-driven and best learning practices to be academically successful and prepared for life beyond graduation. Provide safe, optimal and equitable learning environments for all students and staff.

Strategic Goal 2 (Leadership): Provide district wide leadership that exhibits transparency, clarity and accountability at all times and in all situations.

Strategic Goal 3 (Excellent Personnel): Create a culture of respect for all employees through recruiting, retaining, and providing professional development, while building the district’s leadership capacity.

Strategic Goal 4 (Communication): Continuously deliver efficient, effective, and transparent communication about the district.

Strategic Goal  5 (Community Alliances): Partner with families and the community for  the general well-being and education of our collective student base while including a culture of inclusiveness and respect for the rich diversity of our community.


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