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    Welcome to the home page of the Treasure Mountain Junior High School Community Council. The SCC consists of TMJH teachers, administrators, and parents. The SCC is responsible for establishing and monitoring school goals and administering the Utah State Land Trust program for Treasure Mountain. This group has been tasked with developing a long-range, strategic school improvement plan which encompasses three years and is focused primarily on setting, monitoring, and assessing goals to improve student achievement. For the 2022-2023 school year, Treasure is allocated $143,910.30. Want to learn more? Come to one of our meetings or check out the links below

    Calling for New Members 2023-2025

    TMJH SCC is looking for 3 new members for the upcoming school year. Please use this Candidacy Form for more information and an opportunity to join our Council. If you have any questions, please reach out to our principal, Caleb Fine at

    2022-2023 Council Members

    Chair - Kim Abbett
    Co-Chair - Sarah Smyth
    Parent - Susie Preston
    Parent - Ben Gallagher
    Parent - Adrienne Woolley
    Principal - Caleb Fine
    Counselor - Kristen Hall
    Secretary - Bev Pacal

    Meeting Dates

    The SCC meets 7 or 8 times annually. SCC meetings are held on the second Wednesday of every month (unless noted) at 2:30 pm in-person in the TMJH Library Conference room and ZOOM links are provided for those who cannot attend. Parents and guests are invited to attend meetings.

    The following dates have been scheduled for the 2022-2023 school year:

    September 14 -Agenda
    September 26 - same agenda as Sept 14, Minutes
    October 12 - Agenda Minutes
    November 9 Agenda  Minutes
    December 14 Canceled
    January 11 Agenda Canceled due to weather / no power
    January 25  Agenda  Minutes
    February 8  Agenda.    Minutes
    March 9 DATE CHANGE.  - Agenda   Minutes
    April Canceled
    May 10  Agenda

    2021-2022 school year

    September 8    Agenda  Minutes
    September 21  Agenda  Minutes
    October 13  Agenda  Minutes
    November 10  Agenda  Minutes
    December 8  Agenda  Minutes
    January 12  Agenda  Minutes
    February 9  Agenda  Minutes
    March 9  Agenda  Minutes
    April 6  Agenda  Minutes
    May 11  Agenda  Minutes


    Are you interested in becoming a member? Please complete the following form and scan or email to
    Here is the training video to help you understand more about your role and how you can help TMJH by joining. Click here

    TSSA - Teacher Student Success Act

    The objective of TSSA is to improve school performance and/or student academic achievement. Our Student Success Plan is linked here.

    This school’s community council maintains all their files on Google Drive.

    More information:Utah PTA School Trust Lands Information