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PCHS Senior Receives Character and Leadership All-American Award

PCHS Senior Receives Character and Leadership All-American Award


Park City High School senior, Jimi Letchford, class of 2023,  has recently been awarded the prestigious Character and Leadership All-American Award for wrestling by the National Wrestling Coaches Association and the United States Marine Corps. 


This award is given to only a select few wrestlers across the country who have demonstrated outstanding leadership skills, sportsmanship, and character both on and off the mat.

Jimi was nominated by his wrestling coach, Curt Futch, who praised him for his leadership on and off the mat.


According to coach Futch, Jimi made it clear well before the season started that he was a leader. He took the initiative to recruit and promote the wrestling program, organized and led pre-season practices, and led by example in encouraging, challenging, and supporting his teammates. 


“Jimi embraced the concept that the team belonged to everyone and rallied the team around the principle of teamwork,” said Futch. “He embodies the characteristics that wrestling fosters, including discipline, determination, hard work, humility, mental toughness, perseverance, persistence, and self-confidence.”


Despite ending his season earlier than he had hoped, Jimi continued to work tirelessly with the girl's wrestling team, who qualified for State. He showed love, support, and encouragement to his teammates, demonstrating his dedication to the sport and his leadership skills. 


Coach Futch expressed his admiration for Jimi's hard work and sacrifices during the season and his belief that this effort demonstrates Jimi's character and will help him accomplish great things in the future.


Jimi has been wrestling for 12 years, and it was his dad who got him interested in the sport, serving as his coach throughout his wrestling career. This year, Jimi's wrestling record was an impressive 29-9. Outside of wrestling, Jimi also coaches mountain biking with the Park City Youth Sports Alliance. After graduating from Park City High School, he plans to attend Arizona State University to study architecture.


Jimi's commitment to sound character and strong leadership has not gone unnoticed. The United States Marine Corps Character and Leadership Award is a testament to his dedication, hard work, and positive influence on those around him. He serves as an inspiration to other young adults and a shining example of what can be achieved through determination, perseverance, and a strong work ethic.


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